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How Can You Boost Your Business By Following IT Practices?

How Can You Boost Your Business By Following IT Practices?

Marketing has changed. Over the years, companies keep continue spending money acquiring new customers, but they found out after some point that their businesses are just not profitable, yet these companies still kept on acquiring more customers. Spending more than they should have, complaining all the time that the economics don’t work out. That’s why you will see a big shift into magento 2 rich snippets and many other businesses and organizations today spending more money on things like live support, so that way, they can get people to upgrade, up-sell and get more engagements out of each customer. Most of these tips to success can be archived making use of simple but captivating IT practices that we’ll talk about here.

Focus On Converting Visitors into Customers

The typical way to leverage on this is to understand what your customers are looking for, you can even ask your customers questions like; how can you make your webpage and your customer services better? Sometimes, to increase conversion rate is not just running AD Test, rather, it is marketing part of your services rendering, providing a better experience and having a 100% response customer services optimized site, so that people can get all their questions and objections answered befUser testing a purchase.

IT Practices

Focusing on optimizing your site for the higher conversion is cheaper and more effective than focusing on acquiring new customers, which makes you have a better edge over your competitors when it comes to marketing spin. You can even make use of things like user recording to see mouse movements and flows with the help of tools like User testing and CrazyEgg.

Leverage On Google My Business Service

In essence, Google My Business allows you to get your free business listing on Google, it does help with organizing your local listings if you have different marketing locations. Your business quickly gets located on the internet, helping you to get visibility with the aid of Google maps, or Google search. While using Google My Business, you can make your business to be available 24 hours a day, and one good thing about it; is the tendency for you to have multiple locations.

A lot of people think they can only have one location for their businesses while using this tool, but no, that’s not the case here, if you have ten locations, then you can have an address for those ten locations as well, and doing this you’ll continue to generate more and more sales from these multiple locations available on your network.

Claiming your listing is not enough, you need to get your reviews going, more and more positive reviews, an also endeavor to be more descriptive about your business because it boosts your local search ranking factors. Another Good thing about Google My business is that you can go ahead and check your analytics to see if your search impressions are going up and to find out if people are clicking on your listing or not. Most magento rich snippets companies are advising their clients to leverage on Google My Business, enables you to attract up to millions of customers and acquire new clients easily, but be careful not to abuse it, because Google is watching your every move.

You Must Be Available On Social Sites

You are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, but are you even generating sales from these social networks? I bet the answer is ‘No’ for so many business owners.  If you’ll learn the secret here, you’ll surely have success with your business today. The first tip works for most social sites, and the secret is that if you respond to every single comment, you’re going to get more customer engagement. One thing is that, Facebook values your comment more than your likes, same with other social media sites.

The comment gives a signal that your content is good, but don’t just don’t leave any kind of comment to respond to these comments, rather you can encourage your customers by asking a question in your response, and you’ll find your post goes more viral.

The second tip is pacific to Linkedin. Whenever you are sharing a content from your website on Linkedin, keep your sentences very short, because with Linkedin, when people click on “see more” from your short description topics that links to your content, the more your content will go viral. In Linkedin, another tip is that;  just don’t promote your business only, because if you keep doing that and you’re not being social, you’ll find out only few people will check through or comment or even like your content.

At least 3 times every where you can share something unique, share something outside the box of your biz like pictures, story that gives value to people. Another point in selling through Social media is to cross-sell on your social networks; tell your Twitter fans or followers to follow you on Facebook, tell your people on Facebook to follow you on Twitter and your people on Linkedin to check your post on Twitter, Instalgram and Facebook.

Effective Content Marketing

You have to unite entertaining, engaging, place of content on your website so that you can engage effectively with your customers and your audiences at large. The first critical step is to make sure you know your audience, let your content or what you are marketing or selling speak to a specific audience that would be requiring your services before you publish your content for customers and visitors to see.

You have to ask yourself what they went, step after someone reads it, will you want to guide that visitor to your site, after reading your content, sign up for a Newsletter, sign-up for an event, or look at some other services you have – so you will want to note the right step to make sure your guiding the visitor in the right way.

Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

Did you know that by 2021, only those that optimize their websites for visual and voice search would increase their digital commerce revenue by up to 20%? Voice search gives more quick accurate results by taking all of the guesswork out of searching. The popularity of voice search is rising each day. Voice and image search is going to make at least 50% of all searching by 2020 according to reports, so you need to start thinking like an online shopper since most customers want to know much about a product before purchase

This is why you need to optimize your site for voice phase queries and for proposed answers to these questions. Also, make sure your website loads fast in other to use this feature for a better experience and it does also, most of the voice search made online are on natural commotional languages, therefore optimize your website to accommodate all the voice queries originating from majority mobile users, which are specific in nature.

Mobile First Indexing

Every e-commerce development company today has turned all focus from desktop view optimizing to Mobile for website designs since this what a majority of their customers will request. It’s no longer news that Google currently ranks your website based on the Mobile version, so if you are into any kind of business and your site is not leveraging on its Mobile version, then you’re way back to reaching out to your customers extensively. You’ll want to also focus on website speed because it plays a big role in user-experience and make sure to optimize everything to be available on your mobile site just as you have on your desktop site as well.   

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an eCommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and eCommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an eCommerce development company),, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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