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Uber Announces 25000 Free Rides For The Elders In 19 Cities Of India For COVID19 Vaccine

Uber Announces 25000 Free Rides For The Elders In 19 Cities Of India For COVID19 Vaccine

Uber has been in news recently. All for good reasons, for good work. The transportation brand has announced that it will be offering 25000 free rides to the elders across the 19 cities to reach the COVID19 Vaccination centers.

Initially, Uber partnered with HelpAge India in October month 2020, to provide a secured, and safe transportations to disadvantaged elderly people. This also includes offering a ride for medical and other critical needs.

Uber clone once again will be partnering with HelpAge India, a prominent NGO of India that is committed to serving disadvantaged elderly. The partnership program will be offering 25000 free rides across the 19 cities in the coming months. Thus, it helps the elderly to reach the nearest vaccination center without any hassles. The cities covered are Chennai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Kochi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhubneshwar, Mangalore, Indore, Vijaywada, Jaipur, Dehradun, and Jodhpur.

Both initiatives are taken keeping in mind the health condition and vulnerability of elderly people. Elders are the most likely to catch the virus infection thus making them the most vulnerable during this “Second Wave” especially with the way virus mutants are developing they have less resistance and low immunity. Thus, it is important to get the elderly vaccinated. HelpAge India is supporting the vaccination drive by helping elders to register them for the vaccination, spreading awareness of why they need to take the vaccine as well as arranging their transportation for the same through the Uber popular

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Speaking about the extended Uber partnership, Mr. Prabhjeet Singh, the President of Uber India and South Asia, conveyed that, he is ecstatic to get such a tremendous response from the citizens. He was happy that already 60,000 rides were used initially that offered safe transportation to the elderly. Witnessing the response of the first partnership program, this 2nd announcement was made to offer free 25000 rides to the elderly to get them vaccinated in the most hassle-free manner. Helping citizens to fight back the latest COVID19 wave without fearing. 

Furthermore on he added that the partnership will help vaccinate thousands of disadvantaged elderly who are required to get it and unable because of no good transportation services.  

He later on added to reach out to them for any inquiries through their toll-free National Elder Helpline number i.e. 1800-180-1253. The number can is available across the cities to book the ride. Take this as an inspiration, build your Uber Clone App and run similar program by reaching out to the maximum number of a senior citizens as much as possible offering free rides to the vaccination centers. 

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