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BlurSPY is A Feature-Rich Parental Control Software

BlurSPY is A Feature-Rich Parental Control Software

Without any doubt, BlurSPY is one of the best parental control apps in modern times. This app provides parents with all the necessary and essential features in order to improve their parenting. With BlurSPY app, parents can take better care of their kids and monitor their activities all the time around.

Features of BlurSPY App

When it comes to the features of BlurSPY app, you are given all the advanced options in the form of features. It should be noted the features of any app can make or break it. That is why BlurSPY gives due importance to the features and optimizes every single one so that parents can have the best experience with this app.

There is a long list of features that BlurSPY offers these days. We are going to discuss the best ones here so that parents can learn how they can take better care of their kids with the help of BlurSPY Android spying app. Some of the top features of the app are listed below.

Social Media Hacking

Here comes the most wanted and the most sought after features these days. With this feature of BlurSPY app, parents can hack any social media app to see what their kids have been doing on their devices and phones. It becomes really important to check the social media activities of kids because they can be harming themselves.

Location Tracking

A huge number of parents are worried about the safety of their kids. This feature lets them feel comfortable and keep eyes on their kids’ every time. BlurSPY offers the location tracking which allows parents to check the locations of their teens. Parents will be able to see which places the kids have been going. Live location can also be tracked with this feature.

Spying on Text Messages

BlurSPY brings another amazing feature which allows the users to spy on text messages on the target phones. Parents will find this feature really useful as they will be able to get access to the private messages and chats of their kids. This feature can be used to prevent sexting in kids and make sure they are not talking to strangers.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is the most advanced feature you will find anywhere. BlurSPY offers this feature in order to empower parents to hack the cell phone and any app on the target phones of their kids. In order to do better parenting, this feature is very much needed. It makes it easy to spy on any phone and capture the screen of the phones. You will be able to see what the other person is doing on their devices.

Password Chaser

Sometimes, parents want to get access to the phone and tablets of their kids. But they cannot do so because of the passwords and locks. However, this issue can also be solved by using BlurSPY app. The password chaser is a new and exciting feature which lets you hack the password and lock patterns on any target phone.

Internet History monitoring

Without monitoring internet history, parenting is just incomplete. That is why parents are advised to check the internet history of their kids. With this feature of BlurSPY app, parents can see what their kids have been browsing and which sites they visited. The app improves digital parenting and lets parents keep their kids safe from dangerous content.

Bug Mic and Camera

Not many apps offer such features as does Blur Spy app. Here comes another amazing feature that will change your parenting experience. Many times, the kids are out of home and hanging out with someone. In such cases, parents want to know what their kids are doing. So this feature can be used. With this, the parents can bug the mic as well as a camera of their kids’ phones.

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