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When Is Your Blog Post Ready For Publication

When Is Your Blog Post Ready For Publication

There are many bloggers who get confused to decide whether a blog is ready to publish? Which is the correct time to post? To solve the question this blog will help you to know the exact answer for it. This blog will discuss “When is your blog post ready for publication”, we have listed 6 major things that you need to concentrate before publishing.  

1.  Blog Post Length

It is necessary for a post to contain at least 300 words. When your post is short then it will be challenging for the search engine to rank it, longer posts will get ranked easier than shorter posts. The post must have perfect content,interesting and must attract visitors to read the post. Ensure the number of words for the post is more than 300 then you can keep your first step to publish.

 2.  Check For Grammar Mistakes

Make sure the post that you publish is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. There are many tools that are available for free to check and rectify grammar mistakes. If your post has little typo error then can be accepted but when you publish the post without a grammar check then you will not get visitors to read it. When you spell check the post then you keep your second step to publish the post.

 3.  Ensure post is readable

The post that you publish must be easy to read, people must understand your post easily. This will increase the number of visitors and high conversion rates. The post must be short, clear on point that you wish to convey, must have paragraphs, and transition words. Best SEO Specialists Chennai who provide free readability tests while analyzing the content, you can use it. When you pass the readability test then you can keep your third step in publishing the post.

 4. Post Must be SEO-Friendly

The post that you publish must be SEO friendly, you can use SEO analysis. When you get a green bullet then your post can be published this will in turn help to get ranked and derive more traffic for the website. When you write a post find the keywords relevant to it and use it to optimise the content. When you post does not content any keyword that people look for then it will be challenging to get ranked. When your post is SEO friendly then you can keep your fourth step for publishing the post.

 5. Convey The Message Exactly

First thing you must know before writing a blog is to find for what reason you are writing the post, then convey the exact reason to the visitor once they read the post.The message that you post must be clear and easily understandable. Always think from a visitor point of view they must understand the meaning of the post, get the information that you try to convey. When the point is clear then you can keep your fifth step for publishing the post.

 6. Add Internal Links

When a visitor reads a post and wishes to know more about it, then the post must contain internal links to go further and find relevant topics. Do not forget to add internal links even to sell any products through your blog. This is the last step in publishing your post, making sure to provide internal links in the post.


When you keep on changing the post there will not be any end for it, in this blog we have listed 6 major factors that you must look before publishing the post. When you have an answer for the above 6 points, your post is ready for publication.

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