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Musical Instruments and the best way to learn them​​​​​​​

Musical Instruments and the best way to learn them​​​​​​​

Music has a special place in our hearts, doesn’t it? We spend years and our ears investing in good music, feeling every word the singer sings and smiling or crying along the way. For instance, Kodaline’s All I Want can make one feel nostalgic with a hint of melancholy creeping out from the side of heart even when they’ve never been in love. Just open the song on YouTube and scroll through the comments section just once – even you’d start feeling something in your throat. Point being, songs have feelings … music has feelings. Even the symphonies leave us feeling a certain feeling. So the question is – is it the music of words or instruments that makes us dwell so deep within ourselves and the songs?

The answer is easy peasy – it’s the instruments that make us focus more on the words and in term feel more. Music affects our mind in a positive way and decreases heightening depression to a great extent.

Musical Instruments – the beginning

Musical instruments origins from the same time as human culture. No one is sure of the date of origin but one thing is for sure and that is that flute is considered as the oldest musical instrument by many scholars. As per their knowledge, it originated some 67,000 years ago.

Bone flutes were more common back then due to the human species still at the course of evolution. Those early humans too understood the importance and joy of music. They used bird bones and mammoth ivory to make the first flutes. The evidence was found in a cave in southern Germany.

Musical Instruments & You!

We all want to learn how to play a musical instrument, don’t we? If others are able to produce such beautiful melodies why can’t we? All it needs is time investment and passion to learn. Have you heard the violin in Secrets by One Republic? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Want to play as good as that?

All you need is a violin, compassion and a teacher. Finding teachers is difficult especially in the little time we get for ourselves throughout a day.  The easiest way to learn any instrument is thus having three things essentially – the rest is secondary.

Instrument itself

Passion towards learning the instrument A Good Internet Connection Spectrum internet could help turn around the universe for you, however, at as low as $40.00 without any increase in the prices for a whole year. The best thing about them is that they offer additional MBs to keep you going at whatever you’re going.

At the end, best of luck for learning a new instrument. Remember, you have to keep trying every day. No breaks – enjoy it instead. Passion can make you do wonders.

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