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6 Best Tools For Monitoring Online Reputation

6 Best Tools For Monitoring Online Reputation

Who doesn’t want to have a strong online reputation in this digital marketing era? Every business running online or aiming to move their existing business online desperately looks for a strong online reputation. That’s the reason why companies offering high-class digital marketing services have a separate section for online reputation management

Online profile defenders are efficient enough in setting up a strong reputation. They do this by monitoring the profile and eliminating all the negative content that includes complaints, negative feedback, etc. 

Are you interested to learn about the tools they use to monitor the online reputation of a business? Keep reading the article and mark out the tools that you think will be feasible for you. 

6 Best tools for monitoring online reputation

  1. Google Alerts: When you are talking about some digital marketing tools, Google is the first thing to bank on. Google is not just a digital encyclopedia where you find everything. It even helps a business to grow by offering free digital marketing tools.

    Yes, you heard right! Google has some free valuable tools that are highly effective for SEO. Marketers struggling to achieve better results trust Google blindly. And one finest tool of Google is Google Alerts.

    Google Alerts allows marketers to build their reputation online, monitor them, and help them to grow and gain the trust of the customers. For this you just need to follow a few steps.

    Enter the business name on the search bar and you will get email notifications through Google’s database. You will be notified every time when Google finds your name mentioned. Isn’t this a complimentary gift for your business? 
  2. Brand24: Brand24 is responsible for tracking social mentions of your brand. It performs this by creating various projects. It pulls mentions from social media posts, videos, images, press releases, and crawl through the web looking for more content in Google reviews, forums, different websites, and so on.

    However, its job doesn’t end here. Brand24 even crawls the web to find out the occurrence of non-excluded keywords into the content. It uses different filter methods and tools to filter out data by source, date, and even criteria. This helps you to compare your data, analyze them, and use it for better reputation control. 
  3. Social Mention: If you are looking for some real-time data and report, Social Mention is the better tool to deal with. Social Mention extensively monitors the social media platforms and analyze the real-time data obtained from social media mentions.

    More than 80 social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are monitored by Social Mention.

    Apart from keeping an eye on these platforms, it divides the mentions into multiple categories. These involve positive, negative, and neutral mentions. It also lists down the high-performance keywords, highlights the hashtags, and figures out the users and sources. 

    By tracking out all these, Social Mention presents the statistics with scores for strength, sentiment, passion, and reach.
  4. Review Push: Review Push is another effective online reputation monitoring tool that a brand can use. The tool manages the online reviews that are lying on the web. It collects the reviews, analyzes them, pushes the negative reviews on the last page of the search results, and highlights the positive ones that brand the business.

    Such an effective tool helps the business to rank higher in every search engine result. Apart from managing the reviews, it alerts you via email whenever your business receives any new review. Through this mail you can either give a response online or ignore it.  
  5. Reputology: If you are talking about online reputation management tools, forgetting Reputology is a great miss. The name itself suggests that it is definitely a powerful reputation management and monitoring platform.

    Reputology is efficient in monitoring, responding, and analyzing online reviews. It finds the reviews that provide a negative impression on the business and eliminates them offering a good reputation.

    Reputology is perfect for businesses that usually prefer online reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc. Being location-specific, it assists the enterprises that are targeted to the local audience.
  6. SentiOne: SentiOne helps the brand in building its online reputation by keeping a track on what the customers say about the brand. It acts as a virtual ear that pay attention to every single word the audience use regarding the brand.

    With SentiOne, you will not just be able to record real-time data but even able to restore the data from the past. The tool crawls into every web source to dig deep about the brand, helping the business in setting up a strong reputation online. 

Last Note

Practicing online reputation management not just help the business to grow online but even boosts its credibility and establish a strong customer-business relationship. The above-mentioned tools belong to the best categories. However, browsing Google and finding a multitude of online reputation monitoring tools will put you in a perplex situation. 

Are you looking for corporate branding or personal branding? Make sure you initially choose online reputation management services to meet your needs. 

Join the hands of a reputed white label digital marketing company. Their reputation shows that they are good at offering professional online profile defenders. Make sure you take the leverage.

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