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Best time to visit Jawai Dam

Best time to visit Jawai Dam

If you look it up over the internet, you will find out that the best time to visit the wildlife conservation areas in India is winter most probably between the months of October and March. That’s because in that season, most of the animals and especially the big cats come out to bask in the sun and their spotting becomes easier. In the summer season, they are mostly hidden in their caves saving themselves from the scorching heat and this is applicable to almost every jungle. However, there are some places where spotting of the big cats does not get difficult even when the season calls for it.

Plan your tour in any month of the year 

Jawai is one such region that has gone beyond the restrictions of the season when it comes to spotting leopards. That’s because the region itself is altogether different from the rest of the wildlife conservation areas in India. In all the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, you find dense forests with a huge flora along with the fauna. In Jawai, you find a range of granite hills in which the big cats have found habitat, they dwell in small or big caves scattered in the entire region. They get ideal living conditions along with plenty of food through the jungle nearby and through the livestock from local tribes.

So as far as the spotting of big cats is concerned are not dependent on any season because even if it is the summer, you will get to leopards and other animals out in open in this region. However, if you want to maximize the probability of spotting the leopard, winter is when you should plan your visit to this place. But in case you have got late, there is no reason to worry because you won’t get disappointed even if you come to visit this place in the month of March, April, May or June, the months in which the heat is at its peak in India. 

High probability of spotting leopards in any season

There is a reason behind it, in the granite hills, survival for big cats is different than it is in dense forests. Here they easily get shed from the sunlight but they need to wander more for finding food, in the jungle, it is easy to get food because the other creatures are not very far. In Jawai, there is a small forest area called ‘Medh’, this is where leopards usually go to find prey. Other than forests, they also come down to the human settlements to hunt the livestock from the local tribes. The tribes, on the other hand, take it as an offering to the leopards they regard venerable for the belief the latter is the guard to former’s local deity.

And when it comes to quenching the thirst, the Jawai river is right here and does not go dry no matter how harsh the summer is. With all these geographical and demographical features, this region continues to be a thriving place for leopards and various other mammals. As a result, it is emerging as a hub for nature lovers, thrill-seekers, bird-watchers, and wildlife photographers as well. In this area, you can see life going at a slow pace and giving you every opportunity to observe it closely. Here, you can an adventure of your lifetime and come closer to the ecosystem of this land.

Choose the right provider for safari and stay 

The only thing you need to be a little careful about is choosing the right service provider who makes your safari memorable and stay comfortable, that is if, you tend to stay for a night. With Jawai Leopard Safari Camp, you can just enjoy your safari ride and come back on the same day without staying in the resort. That’s right, we are the resort property that makes it possible for you to enjoy the wildlife with customizable packages in which you can make changes according to your own preference. We make it possible as we understand the different needs of our guests and let them enjoy the trip the way they want.

Jawai Leopard Safari Camp also makes sure that you get to feel the thrill when you are going through the rocky hills, we ensure that you could experience the rush when you are seeing the landscape with your eyes from the vantage points of this place. Our rangers take you to all those places from where you could see the resplendence in panoramic vistas of this place. We allow you to go to points from where you could take some breathtaking photos and make your trip an undeletable memory of your life. Our entire team makes it possible by giving you some thrilling and luxurious moments with excellent services.

Enjoy our customizable packages 

When we serve our guests, we make sure that there is no loophole or shortcoming, our services are all-inclusive and we do not commit a single mistake. With us, you can make the most of your time and relish these memories throughout your life. We can make your trip to Jawai perfect regardless of the company you are carrying, whether it is your friends, colleagues or family, we allow you to live every moment of your tour. And in case you are coming solo, you don’t have to worry about the prices of stay or safari, we are ready to customize the package as per your liking and budget.

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