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Best Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

Best Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

Mostly we received a question about health and fitness, but we received one of the best general questions for beginners is will exercises on the shoulders with their weight gain muscle mass or not? He worries, first of all, those who cannot, or do not want to go to the gym.

 As well as those to whom exercises with burdens are contraindicated due to problems with the spine. For this reason, today, we will analyze both home workouts on the shoulders and exercises for the hall, which do not have a dangerous load on the spine.

It is essential to understand that the right combination of exercises with its weight and training with weights. Only in this case, you will be able to increase the load, which will positively affect the growth of muscle mass and strength. You can train without performing exercises with axial load and achieve good results, but it is important to make a program correctly.

Why make shoulders more exercising only with its own weight will be difficult?

Before proceeding to the description of the complex of home exercises, you should warn about the complexity of this path. Deltas, as well as any other muscles, effectively develop under the observance of several conditions:

Shoulder Exercises
  • The presence of stress. This implies an excessive load for the current capabilities of the body, leading to micro-breaks in the muscle fibers.
  • Sufficient rest period. It is during recovery that an increase in the volume of the body occurs since in the process of healing micro-breaks are filled with new tissue.

Restricted exercises without burdens and in terms of focus on specific areas of the shoulder muscles. The deltoid muscle consists of 3 types of beams:

  1. Front, responsible for the movement of the hands to himself and up;
  2. Middle (side), allowing you to put your hands to the bottom;
  3. Back, responsible for the abstraction of the hands behind the back.

Most weight exercises involve the front and side delts, and the rear ones are often neglected.

Training at home makes sense in two cases:

  1. At the initial stage, when the body is completely untrained. Exercises with their weight will lead to muscle tone, will teach you to feel your own body and help you to pump a little.
  2. In the absence of big ambitions, when it is enough to acquire at least some sports form, without building up powerful muscles.

From home, workouts to effectively start your sports journey, and when the load is not enough, you can already go to the gym. Some people have no time to go to the gym, and they bring some equipment at home for exercise, a dip bar stand is the best equipment for the shoulder pump.

If the task is to increase the volume of deltoid muscles, then there is not such a large arsenal of exercises with its weight. They can be divided into two groups:

  1. Various types of push-ups from the floor.
  2. Pull-ups and push-ups with the use of the bar and bars.


Classic push-ups from the floor load 3 types of muscles – pectoral, triceps and deltas. But regarding deltas, we are talking only about the front beam, since the middle and rear in this exercise remain untapped. If your front beam is lagging, then only push-ups in the upright position will be enough to solve the problem. Otherwise, this exercise can be only a part of shoulder training with its weight.


  • We occupy an emphasis lying on straight arms. The palms are set at a distance slightly greater than the width of the shoulders. The feet with their toes rest against the floor, the distance between them is 15-20 cm. The whole body is stretched into a straight line.
  • We go down due to elbow flexion until the chest touches the floor.
  • We rise back.
  • Breathing – inhale when lowering, exhale when lifting.

We make 4 sets of 15-20 reps. In push-ups, it is customary to change the direction of the load by shifting the arms. So, if you place your hands a little wider, the emphasis is shifted to the pectoral muscles, and when narrow on the triceps. However, such manipulations have practically no effect on the efficiency of pumping of the deltoid muscles so that you can dwell on the classic version.

Pushups on the Ball

After the body adapts to the load from the classic push-ups, you can move on to the advanced versions of this exercise. For example, use the stuffed ball (medical ball) in it.


  • The starting position is the classic emphasis lying; only the hands are not on the floor, but on the ball.
  • Balancing on the ball, we slowly go down and then climb back.

These two exercises are enough for a shoulder pump and build if you do regularly.

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