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Best Shopping Destinations in Thailand for Tourists:

Best Shopping Destinations in Thailand for Tourists:

Shopping is one of the most famous things to do in Thailand. This beautiful country is home to several vibrant shopping markets. That’s why tourists never go back empty-handed from Thailand. 

Thailand is popular not only as a tourist destination but also as a shopping hub across the globe. From traditional Thai products and antiques to silk products and unique ornaments, Thailand has everything which every shopping lover craves to buy! 

So, here we are presenting the top shopping destinations in Thailand to make your shopping experience meaningful on your Thailand trip.

Chinatown, Bangkok: 

Situated in Bangkok, Chinatown is one of the most significant markets of Thailand. This shopping hub is divided into distinct shopping lanes and sub-markets. The most highlighting things which you must buy from this market are flowers, musical instruments, fabrics and clothes, trinkets and sandals. 

You can also find many wholesale shops in Chinatown. Along with it, there are many eateries for a quick bite. So, buy your Bangkok tour packages and visit this market for sure.  

Phuket Walking Street, Phuket: 

Phuket walking street is one of the biggest markets in the town of Phuket. If you are planning to buy Thai souvenirs and try some tasty Thai food items, then this market is ideal for you!

The unique souvenirs that one should purchase from here are customised T-shirts, marinieres and knitted dolls. Also, try food items like barbequed squid, pork, chicken, ice cream and fruit juices.

Central Festival Mall, Pattaya: 

With the amazing views of the skyline of Pattaya, Central Festival Mall is the favourite place for entertainment, shopping and dining in the city. This mall is the tallest structure on the beachfront featuring more than 300 stores. 

People who love to shop from high street fashion brands would find this place attractive. This mall is also ideal for enjoying window shopping. 

Krabi Town Walking Street, Krabi: 

If you are going to visit the town of Krabi, then you should visit Krabi town walking street there. It is a night market that offers a wide variety of Thai products showcased in more than 50 stalls.

Local artisans of South Thailand often sell their handmade products in this market. You must buy gardening tools, fashionable T-shirts, handbags and oyster pearl jewellery from here.

Floating Market, Pattaya: 

The concept of the floating market is quite different, that’s why this place is the central attraction of tourists. People come here even if they don’t have to buy anything. However, you can find very good souvenirs in this market. 

The Floating Market is famous for its exquisite handicraft products, jewellery and other Thai products. Moreover, you will enjoy the experience of sitting in a tiny boat and row towards various shops in the waters of Thailand here. 

So, visit any of the above-given destinations to enjoy the best shopping experiences in Thailand. And hey, don’t forget to try your luck at bargaining as bargaining is welcomed in all these markets.

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