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Best Screen Recorder Apps

Best Screen Recorder Apps


Most people ponder over how to record their mobile screen. It could be because they want other people to know how they excel in a video game or because they are preparing a video on helping with the settings of a new mobile phone. There can be many more reasons, all of these make use of a screen recorder. Several options are at hand, this article explores the top 5 Free Screen recording apps

1. AZ Screen Recorder (4.6 stars)

AZ Screen recorder is the most downloaded and most reviewed screen recording application in Google Play Store with more than 10 million downloads and above 1 million reviews. It is the ideal screen recording app; it is compact and easy to access. It does not get into the way of other apps or the content that is being recorded. 

The resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and orientation can be set accordingly. The recordings can be controlled with the help of the floating menu. The screen, as well as the audio, can be recorded. The recorded video can also be edited using this app; it is also easy to share on the desired social media platforms.

2. Screen recorder (4.4 stars)

Screen recorder by AppSmartz is a simple to use application. It not only records the screen but also offers unlimited time of screen recording. It supports the camera, helps in taking screenshots and also helps in editing the videos. It has a floating menu that can be placed anywhere on the screen.

It is available in Play Store, is free to download. It allows us to adjust the resolution and helps in sharing it to the other social platforms.

3. Google play games (4.4 stars)

Google Play Games not only allows one to download games, it helps in screen recording too! One can automatically start recording the screen as soon as they launch the gaming app. One can switch to other apps while playing and the screen recording can be paused.

It can record the screen whist the gaming app is launched; the limitation is that the app should be integrated with Google Play Games. 

To use screen recording feature on Play Games on the mobile and My Games. Look for the game and select it. We find a camera icon to the top-right corner of the screen. By clicking it, the recording starts

Two options are available for video quality: 720P HD & 480P SD. 

After selecting a quality setting, click ‘launch’. The game launches with a set of screen recorder controls. One can place these controls anywhere on the screen with the help of the game icon. The controls are a mic icon, camera icon, and record button. Mic and camera icons can be toggled on or off as per the user’s choice. Once the ‘record’ button is tapped, a timer will count up to three seconds and start recording the screen.

Stop button will stop recording the screen and automatically save the video will save to the device. The video can be edited it can be uploaded to any social media platform including YouTube.

4. AirDroid (4.3 stars)

AirDroid is not the first app that comes to our mind to record the device’s screen. This app is in demand due to its special screen mirroring tool which can record the video of the Android device’s activity on the PC. To use this feature, the desktop app is required.

Initially, the Android app and the desktop app have to be installed on the respective devices. The Next step is to create an account, to ensure that the correct devices will be connected. Finally, the phone is to be synced with the computer employing the app. From the desktop app, select AirMirror à View Only Mode, this is when we spot the video camera icon. By clicking this we can initiate the recording process and start using the phone as required for the video.

The screen recordings will be saved in the PC; to know the precise location, one can check the Settings. It does not support the face cam feature, thus the reactions can not be recorded.

5. Mobizen (4.2 stars)

Mobizen claims to be “the most easy-to-use and convenient screen recorder,” it offers the tools required to record games and apps quickly and efficiently.

By utilizing the provided floating menu, Mobizen enables us to record the Android screen at up to 1440p, which is 2K resolution. There are 60 frames per second, that gives the user an excellent, high-quality screen recording. The Recordings may include the users’ reaction with the help of the face cam and with the help of the phone’s mic, any audio can be included.

Custom watermark can be included, that enables one to mark their ownership and build a personal brand. 

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