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8 Best Push Notification Tools for iOS Apps to watch out in 2020

8 Best Push Notification Tools for iOS Apps to watch out in 2020

Push notifications play a vital role in improving iOS and Android apps’ retention and engagement rates. When you make their appropriate use, then you can remarkably enhance the entire user experience. But, when you fail to optimize them, then they can be interruptive, annoying, and harmful to the UX. It results in lower engagement and higher churn and abandonment rates.

Every application has their unique user base. Therefore, it is important that their push notifications should be customized to fulfill their diverse and specific needs. Besides, it is crucial that the publisher should be able to afford them and provide the exact mix of backend tools such as real-time data analytics or demographic segmentation.

iOS and Android push notifications tools emerge and increase day-by-day. Therefore, it may become difficult for one to get lost while trying to search the right one. The bitter truth is that there is no single best tool for iOS app development. There are a bunch of push notification tools that hold significant place in iOS app development.

Let us take a look at these key push notification tools that will help you in enhancing your iOS application.

Top 8 Push Notification Tools for iOS Apps

Urban Airship

Urban Airship holds a significant place in iOS development. You can compare it with Volkswagen, which has a good credibility to car buyers. This notification tool is considered trusty and offers a viable solution to developers.

Additionally, it offers multi-channel messaging, unified customer profiles, and predictive insights. You can use this tool as a starter pack for free. Other packs start from $99 to $349 per month.

2. Leanplum

Leanplum offers personalization and automation. It takes the personalization feature to a new level. You can tailor the UI programmatically according to the needs of specific users. For example, the user can change the default sharing option to whatever he/she wants to go for.

With the automation feature, it enables application to automatically send personalized messages based on different user attributes or app-related behaviors; for example, not opening an app for a certain amount of time. The biggest benefit it provides is Lifecycle Engine for automation that follows the user throughout the entire customer journey.

3. Localytics

Localytics is a tried and tested company, and it has become popular when there are discussions around iOS push notifications. It is considered as True Impact, as it measures the impact of push and in-app messaging campaigns on app engagement. You can get its price on request when you want to integrate it into your iOS app.

4 . Kahuna 

Kahuna offers the benefit of creating campaigns based on the user’s current condition in an iOS app. For example, if the notification identifies that a user is no longer active, then it can trigger a push notification campaign to try and increase its activity.

Additionally, if it finds a new user, then it will react accordingly. Therefore, with the changing states of the user, Kahuna triggers different campaigns. It offers the feature of extreme personalization, which is achieved by customizing messages for content and not the context. It also works around demographic segmentation. You can request its price. 

5. Kumulos

With the help of Kumulos dashboard mobile marketers can sell a Push Notification Service to quickly and easily manage Push campaigns and report on the results. As another option, those mobile marketers can also offer the ability to run their own notification programs. They can use own-brand client portal to build, run, and measure campaign results.

Kumulos offers some key push notification features as below:

  • Create channels and segments to focus push notification messages effectively
  • Geolocation and iBeacon support
  • Deep Linking, emojis, and badges to drive great engagement

6. Catapush

Catapush holds a distinctive place in iOS Push Notifications because of the fact that it allows replies to push-notifications through its 2-Way Service. Additionally, it enables app pros to interact with customers via chat. 

Catapush is free for 100 devices, but prices range from $21.14 a month for 1,000 devices, up to $338.18 a month for 20,000 devices.


The slogan of Streethawk is “Automate Actions for Mobile Growth”. It means that it holds automation at its core. It can easily integrate with Mixpanel, Flurry, Twilio, and Webhooks, and more. Additionally, it supports multiple platforms that include iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Xamarin, and web.

If you have more than 10,000 users on your app, then you will be happy to know that the service is free. However, if your users exceed this number, then you will have to contact the platform directly and request prices.

8. Mixpanel 

Mixpanel was established in 2009, and it has been a regular player in the push notifications field. It offers retroactive funnel reporting features, precision segmentation, and real-time data analytics. They help you ensure that your push notifications are fully optimized.

Its core features include targeted messaging and A/B testing, along with notification scheduling. The primary features are free to use, with the ‘Start-up’ pack for $999 annually. You can demand the price of the ‘Enterprise’ pack that consists of advanced features.

Wrapping Up

Push notifications can effectively improve mobile app KPIs like retention rates or open rates. However, you can enhance these Key Performance Indicators only if you have determined your target audience

Considering the target audience means maintaining and improving the UX and the user flow both on the inside and on the outside of an iOS app. Qualitative analytics tools such as Appsee’s touch heatmaps, and user session recordings, allow app pros to view their apps through the eyes and minds of their users. As a result, it improves in-app UX effectively. 

When you plan to build your iOS application, make sure you hire iPhone app developer who has in-depth knowledge about the push notifications and relevant platforms.

Author Bio:

Jilesh is a Digital Marketing Specialist with 6+ years of experience currently working at Credencys Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. In his free time, he likes to read fiction books and share his knowledge whenever he can.

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