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Armenia is a country that is not very big in size and the best way to explore its beauty is to go on a road trip.  The country is a land of natures, old monasteries, majestic mountains and rocks. It is a place where culture and history lovers will have the feeling they’ve already traveled in the past.

Armenia Road Trip Stop #1 – Yerevan


The capital city of Yerevan in Armenia is a whole different experience to live. The city has so much to offer that it requires a minimum of three days to live and enjoy Yerevan. From old churches, historic sights to modern streets.

Just like all the roads in Europe lead to Rome, all the roads in Armenia leading to Yerevan! You can easily get there by plane (the main airport in Armenia is located in Yerevan).

Armenia Road Trip Stop #2 – Gyumri

Gyumri is the historical district, the cultural heart and therefore the most important city of Armenia. Gyumri is often not so famous touristic place, or tourists only visited on a day trip, but it is worth exploring the old city. Here you can find prominent museums, lovely parks and the impressive Kumayri historic district. Maybe these places often overlooked, but there is quite a lot to do in the old city.

Armenia Road Trip Stop#3 – The symphony of stones

In the Kotayk region, theirs an amazing canyon, called Garni. It stands out with its unique basalt columns which are a result of geological processes. The columns called ‘the symphony of stones’. It is one of the most popular destinations in Armenia for rock climbing lovers. The number of rock climbers and sports lovers is gradually rising up.

Armenia Road Trip Stop#4 –Echmiadzin

Echmiadzin is another beautiful city, it is located about 20 km from Yerevan. Echmiadzin is the religious capital, the spiritual heart and therefore the most important city of Armenia. This area was included in each traveler list. Armenia is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion (in 301 AD) and the Echmiadzin Cathedral was built to commemorate this.

Armenia Road Trip Stop#5 –Noravank

Noravank Monastery is located in a really impressive gorge and is actually three churches which are beautifully decorated. Breathtaking mountains and red gorges. It was built in the 13th AD century, near the city of Yeghegnadzor. It is located around 120 km from Yerevan. In 2002 the Noravank Monastery was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. It’s quickly becoming one of the most talked-about destinations in Armenia.

Armenia Road Trip Stop#6–Tatev

Almost every tourist traveling to Armenia will make a visit to Tatev at some point. Tatev Monastery is one of the most famous places in Armenia. It is one of the most incredible places to visit not just in Armenia but in all of Europe. The monastery surrounded by amazing mountainous landscape, it structured in 9th century AD. There is the world’s longest ropeway, “The Wings of Tatev» which takes people on an admirable 12-minute journey across gorges and valleys to the Tatev Monastery.

Armenia Road Trip Stop#7–Ijevan

Today Armenians really love their wine. Just about every family you’ll meet has some fermenting in their basement. Nowadays Armenian’s Ijevan region is quickly becoming famous for its some of the best wine in the world. Not to mention, it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Armenia in its own right. You can make a trip to Ijevan’s many wineries, or you can enjoy the region’s gorgeous landscapes by spending a few nights exploring the many villages and towns in this large region.

If you want to manage to attend all of the places and not miss any of the mentioned above, you can rent a car in Armenia with all your preferred characteristics and enjoy your trip! What do you think are the best places to visit in Armenia?

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