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The 8 Best Paint Guns Of 2019

The 8 Best Paint Guns Of 2019

Do you need to paint, but do not want to do the job with a brush? We want to make it easy for you. I invite you to buy one of the best paint guns and airless paint sprayer to on the market. These can be found in the following list and choose the one that best suits your interests. 

Tacklife Paint Gun

This is one of the best paint guns you can use in your home. Not only because it will allow you to achieve good results, but because for the price it has it is a great option.

With this gun you can enjoy 3 ways of spraying, that is, you can use it in vertical, horizontal and circular mode. In all cases, the distribution of the painting will be perfect. Not forgetting that it has three different nozzles.

As it has a high power through its 400w motor, I can assure you that you can paint any surface, be it parts of appliances, furniture, car parts, walls, ceilings … that is, you can use it for almost everything. Without forgetting that the flow as the width you can easily regulate it. Even if you have never painted with this type of gun, I assure you that you will quickly learn and feel very comfortable using it.

Einhell Paint Gun

If you are looking for a simple and cheap model, you may have good results. Of course.

On the other hand, the design is not one of the most modern, since it is really simple, something that is linked to its low price. In return, when using it we can enjoy a continuous shot and a rotating nozzle. I can give you good results if you are looking for a gun to paint and you are not very demanding.

Vip4Vip Paint Gun

Another option that the market offers you right now. The gun stands out for being very comfortable when using it. If you have never painted, you will see that it is easier than it may seem at first.

It is a machine that uses 100% of the paint, which makes it a better alternative than brushing, not only for taking advantage of paint but for speed. And the results will be much more professional.

It has a system for painting after spraying, not forgetting that it offers the option of painting in 3 positions. As for the deposit, this has 800 ml so you can paint a large area with a single refill.

KKMoon Paint Gun

Another of the most economical options on the market, although the materials are quite good. To give you an idea, this model has a needle that can accommodate a large number of coatings, not forgetting that the nozzle is stainless steel to last as long as possible.

I quite like it because of its lightness, through which we can make the shot simple and therefore paint faster. In addition to getting a good paint output power, I assure you that the noise level is quite low. And depending on the output you put, you can paint some materials or others.

Revolution Air Paint Gun

If you want to enjoy a complete kit to be able to paint quickly, this gun will give you very good results. Also, it has a backpack type system. This means that you can hang it on your back and carry it more comfortably. So you can paint wherever you want, that is, it offers you greater freedom of movement than other models.

When it comes to getting good results, I recommend shooting the painting at a distance of about 30cm, although before it is advisable to do small tests to see how they look better. Moreover, it has an instruction book that will give you more data to get a high-quality paint, depending on the surface you want to paint.

Black Decker Paint Gun

Another of the best-known brands in the market offers a high-quality gun at a price that is not at all high despite being branded.

It has a very fine paint output system, through which the results are always perfect. What’s more, if you are looking for a precise gun, this model will guarantee the accuracy you are looking for.

Another of the things I like is that it allows you to change the deposit of the paint load in a few seconds, that is, you will not waste your time and get ahead of the job. It is perfect for all types of uses, both occasions and professional. Not forgetting that it has a paint flow indicator. And since it is very light, you will not have problems when using it.

Paint Gun With Airless Paint Sprayer Kit And Timbertech Compressor

If you want to buy a gun that includes a compressor, this model includes it. And I can assure you that it is only worth it with the compressor that it includes. If you are looking for a powerful model, with a good deposit and good quality to achieve good results, this option interests you.

In my opinion, it has a fairly small size and since it is quite silent, it is always very pleasant to work with the machine. To this, we must add an output pressure regulation system so that you can paint properly.

I assure you that if you buy it you will be surprised and you will realize that you have made a good purchase.

Bosch Paint Gun

If you are looking for a professional gun, which you can use at home if you wish, the Bosch brand offers us one of the best options on the market. Today is the gun I use in my work and I can assure you that every day I am happier to have it among my work tools.

It has a professional spray system, not forgetting that it has a powerful system to use with undiluted paints. But not only can you use it with undiluted paints on walls and wood, but you can use it with other products such as varnishes or enamels.

Through its tank and its power, you will be sure that you will always have a supply of paint you need to get paint without problems, even if you have to stretch the hose above your head. The flow of paint will always be continuous.

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