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The 7 Best Outdoor Activities to Try Near and in Miami

The 7 Best Outdoor Activities to Try Near and in Miami

You’re in Miami looking for an outdoor adventure. 

Where should you start, and what should you do? The possibilities of activities to do outside are endless. 

Of course, you have to make time to see some of the famous beaches. Palm Beach is a great place to start! 

And, if you feel like becoming one with wildlife, get to know the monkeys at Monkey Jungle. Or if you’re feeling extra bold, there’s even an Alligator Farm!

Plenty of beautiful destinations in Miami are yours to explore. So why wait? 

Here are seven outdoor quests for you to go on in Miami! 

1. Soak Up Nature at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

To soak up some nature, visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

At the Botanic Garden, you’ll encounter an endless amount of plant collections.

The Conservation Team works hard to grow native plants in Florida. So, make time to learn all about these incredible plants! 

Be sure to visit the park’s Wings of the Tropics butterfly conservatory. Wings of Tropics is another highlight of the Botanic Garden. Watching the butterflies flutter on by is quite the treat! 

And, your botanic garden journey doesn’t have to stop there. The Botanic Garden also has an Art Sculpture Garden and Orchid Garden (at certain times of the year).

Once in a while, they also have a Chocolate Garden event. If you love chocolate (who doesn’t?!) mark this special event on your calendar. This is a fun and tasty time that everyone will enjoy. 

This magical conservatory is the perfect place to get away to and soak up some nature. So get in your car and drive to the garden stat! 

2. Make Friends at Everglades Alligator Farm

Do alligators intrigue and excite you? 

Even if they scare you, we guarantee you’ll appreciate seeing them in their habitat.

There are different shows at the Alligator Farm. For a unique alligator experience, go to the Alligator Encounter show. 

During this show, you can feed up to 250 alligators and meet some baby alligators. And, if you dare, you can even hold a baby alligator (good luck!). 

Alligator Feeding is another show to attend. And, you guessed it — you get to watch the alligators chow down on their lunch or dinner! 

No matter which shows you go to, this is a memorable experience you will not soon forget! 

3. Fly Above the Water

Give an extreme sport a shot by booking a flyboard session! 

The water propulsion of a Jetski turbine makes flyboarding possible. 

Flyboarding is a relatively new extreme water sport. 

A Frenchman named Franky Zapata invented the flyboard device. He made it possible for you to remain stable in the air! That’s pretty cool, huh? 

Don’t let flyboarding intimidate you. Aqua Jet Miami has lessons for beginners. Later you can take advanced courses as you learn how to navigate the water and air! 

Take a chance, book a session, and get ready to fly in the air up above the water! It’s hard not to get hooked on this extreme, yet fun water sport!

4. Hit the Beach 

There are plenty of beaches in Miami, which is precisely why you should take full advantage! 

A few favorite beaches are Haulover, Hobie, and Virginia Key. 

Haulover beach is the only clothing-optional beach in Florida. And, Virginia Key is the perfect beach for barbecuing and picnicking! 

Whether you’d like to walk on the beach or get a tan, being at the beach is the best! 

One of the beaches, Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park, is often ranked as one of the top ten beaches in the United States! This gorgeous beach has stunning waters and endless ocean views. 

With so many beaches to discover, you better get a headstart now! 

5. Kayak in Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park overlooks Biscayne Bay, and it is a beautiful location.

There are many outdoor activities in the park, but kayaking is something you shouldn’t miss. 

While kayaking on the Oleta River, you’ll relish taking in the scenery and meeting wildlife. 

This natural oasis is the perfect place to let go of your worries and breathe in all the fresh air you can. 

6. Have Fun at Monkey Jungle 

Watch close to 400 monkeys roam around on 30 acres at Monkey Jungle! 

Monkey Jungle has been around since the 1930s. There have been a lot of monkeys there over the years! 

The jungle is the only semi-natural tropical rainforest in the United States. 

When you visit, watch monkeys thrive in their habitat. They’ll make you smile almost non-stop as you watch them swing from branch to branch. 

And, you’re bound to make a friend while spending time with these engaging primates. 

Hanging with the monkeys at Monkey Jungle will leave an imprint on your mind!

7. Parasail Over Palm Beach

Head to the beach and try a new activity, such as parasailing!

Palm Beach is already beautiful on land, so imagine how it would look from above! Watch closely enough, and you may even see a dolphin or two. 

As your feet dangle in the air, you’ll feel light as a feather. 

Flying high in the sky and taking in the beautiful sights beneath you sounds like heaven on earth!

In Conclusion

After reading over these fun outdoor activities, aren’t you eager to get out and explore? 

Socializing with monkeys and alligators are two experiences you can’t pass up. 

And if you adore the beach, look forward to catching some rays on a hot summer day. But don’t forget your sunscreen! 

And, of course, make time to do some parasailing, flyboarding, and kayaking. These adventures on the water sports will get their hooks in you — fast! 

Whether you’re visiting or live in Miami, soak up all that it has to offer!

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