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Best of Winter Adventure in Europe You Should Experience

Best of Winter Adventure in Europe You Should Experience

Many People’s thoughts are turning of winter skiing and traveling. But there are many more adventure things to do in Europe in winter.

Discover Europe’s Secret playground in Slovakia

Winter will offer you an exciting family break in Slovakia Based high in the snow-clad Tatra peaks, you’ll get to know Why Slovakia is Europe’s finest winter secret.

This is one of the mountainous countries of Europe, and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities – which includes skiing, dog sledding and snowshoeing. Best of all, there’s a piping hot thermal pool waiting to soothe your muscles after your day’s adventures.

Sleeping in an igloo

While traveling anywhere, a normal hotel is where you sleep and nothing more…if you want more winter adventure in your real life…then you can lie in bed staring at the ice ceiling, snuggled deep into your sleeping bag (that can handle temps down to -15°F), spending ages totally transfixed by the steam coming out of your mouth.

You’re not dreaming; this is the Igloo hotels in Iceland.

The hotel is open from the middle of December to the beginning of April.

Husky Sledding in Finland

Finland is an outstanding destination for winter activities in Europe. Through the trip, you get Energetic Huskies, a sled, pine trees, freshwater, and plenty of snow and cold air.

At places of Harriniva and Cape Lapland in Finland, You’ll move through lakes and rivers, help take care of the dogs, and have to stay in cabins —furthermore, without electricity or running water. But you’ll have a more authentic showering experience in the sauna with a bucket of warm water.

Experience Iceland’s Wildest Ride

Take the experience the wilder side of Iceland on the Super Jeep safari and make your winter holidays impeccable.

Super Jeeps are certainly Icelandic way to approach the lunar landscapes of this incredible country, thanks to their ability to reach areas where normal vehicles simply can’t go.

In winter, studded tyres give excellent traction on ice, and reduced air pressure in the tyres allows the vehicles to glide over deep snow rather than sink into it. Each Jeep seats have 2-7 people and vehicles often travel in convoy.

The exact route taken each day will depend on the weather but wherever you go in the hands of these expert drivers, you can be sure of a thoroughly exciting, enjoyable and safe time.

Alps Hiking in Italy

If you are looking for winter adventure in Europe, then Alps Hiking in Italy will be best for you. It will offer you the best views of landscapes and mountains.

In winter mountain hiking became more adventure and thrilling compared to other seasons. As the snow is thick, and trekking and hiking are impossible.

In the Alps in Italy, mountains covered with snow and sometimes it is tough to arrange a few days hike, and sleeping in the mountains. If you want to drown into the harshness of mountains, a winter hike in Italy will leave you lots of memories behind you. If you are going through Europe in winter, do not miss hiking in Italian Alps.

Eating a three-course dinner on the frozen sea

You may hear Disney on Ice, but this is Dinner on Ice. Brandon, Sweden offers you a great experience to dine on frozen Bothnian Bay. You’ll have to walk out onto the ice to get to the lávvutent.

You’ll have the restaurant in the evening, and you have enough thickness on your feet. Listen to the snow crunch and look up and see the shining stars in the sky.

Once you reach the tent, land at the table, take in the white tablecloths and candlelight, and get to work on your three-course dinner and taste the exotic taste of reindeer meat or salmon.

If you feel cold, warm yourself by the fire, you can experience this dining from January to March.

Cross Country Skiing

Just Forget about the long lines, lifts, and Jägermeister shots related to skiing of the downhill variety. Cross-country skiing is all about calm and peaceful.

You’ll float through the snow, passing pines and fallen birch, breathing in the frosty beauty of Arctic Europe. That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

You could do by yourself, but they have all the gear available — snowsuits, gloves, and, of course, skis, so you don’t have to carry everything around yourself.

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