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Best mouth talking apps

Best mouth talking apps

If you own a smartphone there is no limit to what you can achieve. Be it shopping, ordering food or doing something comic. One smartphone can help you with all this and much more. New trends come up now and then. One such trend that has gained popularity in the tech world is the new funny mouth talking app. 

Lots of people are making use of these apps currently to create hilarious memes. However, many of us are yet to know about these entertaining apps. Naturally, if you are one not aware of these apps, it’s obvious to be intrigued. Thus, we are here to fill you in with the details. 

What is a mouth talking app?

 This is a sort of app or software which activates when an individual starts talking. However, do not confuse these apps for means developed to make our smartphones function better. The purpose of these apps is pure entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, there is impossible to find a match for these apps. Not only for kids, but these apps have become popular among adults too. 

The app is so designed that it can create talking images! The idea is simple, the mouth portion of one’s image can be swapped with another’s talking mouth, and the results are hilarious! This is a feature that is available on Snapchat as well, however, it becomes even more interesting when you have an app to that end. 

How to use these apps?

The functionality of this app is pretty easy and straightforward. All you have to do is download the app from the store. Install it on your phone. It gets very much simple after that. Use this app to click a picture that you like. Shoot a video of you talking or someone else talking, and then edit the mouth section from that video and stick it on to the picture! Once through with the creation, there are a lot of things that you can do. While others prefer to make memes out of these video/pictures, you can get creative and use them as invitations for an upcoming event! Or even send it to someone with a funny note! Your comic strip!


There are multiple app options to choose from if you are planning to make such comic pictures. While you can get recommendations and suggestions from many, here are a  few that you can look into:

Animated Face Changer:

This is a nice face changing app for Android users. Once you log into the app it seeks permission to click a photo. Or you can even import it from the gallery.  After selecting the photo, click on the “Object” icon and then select the “Mouth “ option. This allows the user to choose one from the 9 mouth option that the app offers. 

Verbalizer Lite:

This is yet another option for an Android user. This app allows the users to create hilarious talking photos which are fun to watch. This is different from the mouth-talking apps as it allows users to open the lips and adds audio to the picture which kind of turns it into a video. You can begin by either clicking a photo with the built-in camera or by importing one from the device. Like the other apps in this genre, this one too gives the user the choice to select a mouth from the multiple option section. 

PicsArt Animator:

This is an app that is ideal for creating animated cartoons and GIFs. However, this can also be used to create mouth-talking videos as well.  However, this functions in a different way than other apps. Begin by selecting a photo from the phone, and then draw the mouth manually using the various frames that the app offers. For instance, if you select two frames, you can draw a closed mouth in one and an open mouth in the other. Now when the animation is played, it seems like someone is talking. 

So let the fun begin with these super funny mouth talking apps!

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