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The Best Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic in 2019:

The Best Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic in 2019:

The Marketing technology landscape is commonly explained using a term Martech. For all those who are unaware of this term or this terminology is new for them let me explain this to you. MarTech is a blend of marketing and technology. It revolves around the world of digital marketing. And it came into being as a result of fast digital and marketing innovations. 

Do you remember the time when marketing was not so simple? I was born in the early ’90s and trust me these 25 years have changed everything about marketing. When I look back, digital and marketing innovations have blown my mind away. Today MarTech enables you to market your products, brands, and companies in smarter ways. Smarter, easier and better ways. MarTech enables all team members to look at the process and systematize areas where it makes sense. As a result, this process becomes more efficient, streamline data, and eventually allow companies to adopt things quicker and balance marketing efforts.

Now as the term MarTech s clear to you, let’s talk about MarTech supergraphics in 2019 and its impacts on the digital world. Let’s have a look at them. 

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MarTech Super graphics 2019:


Scott Brinker, the editor of Chief Marketing Technologist, discharged his yearly Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is a joint effort with Blue Green. The current years realistic incorporates 7,040 arrangements, up from 6,829 of every 2018, and grandstands that the advertising innovation scene keeps on growing regardless of various ongoing mergers and acquisitions. 

From these statistics, it is not any wrong in saying that the brand developers are now asking for more and more from the marketers. The demand for social media content generation is increasing accordingly. That makes me overwhelmed that the demand of MarTech is increasing by every passing day. Itis enabling people to introduce their business on a global level. That’s good. 

So we can now clearly say that in the current year i.e 2019 “Marketing Technology” has jumped to the initial position. CMOs (chief marketing officers) around the globe are now assigning twenty-nine percent of their spending limits towards showcasing innovations. Isn’t that too good? An examination by Chief Marketer emulates this advancement, which found that 42% percent of B2B advertisers expected their MarTech spending plans to rise in 2019. It indicates that surly 2019 is going to be one of the best years for marketing Technology landscape. 

Now it is crystal clear that now brands are looking for better advance ways to improve customer experience. Getting loyal customers isn’t easy, it requires so much of your efforts and hard work. For this, every brand should be now focusing more on the advancement of Martech. 

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3 Trends to improve Your Martech strategy in 2019: 

Folks! This year has proved to be the most amazing year for Martech but in case If you think your MarTech strategy is not working for you, then, of course, you need to look into it again. For all the newbies here I have gathered 5 important Trends to improve your Martech Strategy in 2019. Just give them a try. 

1. First of all, improve your data measurement skills. Data is the backbone of any MarTech technology. Accurate and lots of data might help you to perform in a better way. 

2. Look into your Martech budget once again. According to a survey, marketers spent 19 percent of their total budget into Martech strategies 

3. Using the right number of platforms is yet another important trend in Martech strategy. 

Final words: 

So that’s a wrap from my side. I hope this article has helped you in understanding Martech and it’s trending in 2019. My comment section is always open for your queries and suggestions. 

Thank you.

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