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7 Best IT Jobs in Demand in 2020

7 Best IT Jobs in Demand in 2020

1.  Artificial Intelligence

In 2020, the world will keep on using AI machines as they have in recent years. Artificial Intelligence Engineers are in high demand because they help increase productivity and efficiency. Artificial Intelligence is important to many future technologies. The engineers use sophisticated computer software and programs to characterize machines. Qualified personnel interested in pursuing jobs in this field require Education on topics like math, logic, and engineering methodology that focus on the emerging technologies in the IT field. There are different careers under Artificial Intelligence like Algorithm specialists, Research scientists, Computer scientists, software analysts and many more. The average base salary is approximately €150,000 per year.

2.  Data Scientist

Data scientist is one of the IT careers that are difficult to explain what it entails but once someone understands it, it becomes easy. A Data scientist’s job is to collect structured and unstructured data and organize them in sets and variables to identify patterns or trends. The people who qualify for this kind of job are scarce. That means competition is intense across all major business sectors. Many businesses are looking to hire and recruit this type of quantitative talent to support their data-driven research and other initiatives. According to the Robert Half Technology 2020 Salary Guide, the salary midpoint for a data scientist is about €125,250.

3.  Information Security Analyst

By definition, an information technology (IT) specialist is someone in an administrative position whose job is to help businesses with managing systems (software, hardware, and networking). The skills of an information Security analyst are needed in different industries like manufacturing, business, production. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), network and computer systems administrators earned a median salary of €87,070 in May 2018.

4.  Computer Research Scientist

A computer research scientist uses the collective knowledge of the field of computer science to solve existing problems and devise solutions to complex situations. The first step to beginning this career is to earn a bachelor of science in computer science. For a successful IT career, there is an emphasis on higher Education like getting a master’s degree and even a Ph.D. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the federal government may hire computer and information research scientists with just a bachelor’s degree, although the pay is much lower. Many organizations find it difficult to get a Computer research scientist but when they do, they pay them around €102,000 to €151,000.

5.  Data Analyst

A data analyst is one of the top IT jobs. To build an IT understanding the trends and insights that are revealed in massive data sets in crucial. Data analysts are often hired by companies to help inform decisions or improve business practices. This guide walks through the necessary steps to become a data analyst and contains a detailed job description, salary information, and future job outlook.

Data analysts translate numbers, trends, and trajectories into digestible and accessible information. Businesses collect data. A data analyst’s job is to take that data and use it to help companies make better business decisions. Often, the main goal of a data analyst is to solve issues that cost the company money and to help make decisions for expanding the business. According to the “average salary for a data analyst is €57,261 per year.”

6.  IT Manager

If you are interested in becoming an IT manager, your role entails a few duties. IT managers’ duties include planning, coordinating and directing an organization’s by using computers. But that definition just scratches the surface. To become an IT manager, you have to complete your bachelor’s degree, have worthwhile working experience in the IT field and also be a problem solver. These are some other duties that an IT manager is responsible for:

  • Supervision of IT staff that work under you.
  • Ensuring that all systems are securely functioning
  • Making sure that all computers and office devices are working perfectly.
  • Organizing and maintaining the Database.

The salary of an IT manager is fairly good and only gets better the more you commit yourself to deliver IT solutions to the companies you work. According to the latest BLS reports, the approximate salary of the Information Technology manager in a year is about €142,530.

7.  Software Engineer

Software engineering involves the development and building of computer systems. It includes applications and software. If the software was a brain-dead simple career path that anyone could just learn online after a few weeks, then it wouldn’t pay what it does. So, you can expect to earn about €60,000 to €126,000 as it engineer and it may top it jobs in demand for future

While a degree in information technology will help you with the technical skills, you’ll need to enter the field or receive the promotion you want; it skills in demand and experience is a key element in how to become an IT manager. The latest BLS reports place the median annual wage for computer and information systems managers at €142,530, although the information technology management salary range varies by industry.


IT has many other more jobs that are on high demand and since the world keeps on using computers these jobs are somewhat secured. People in different industries will definitely need more people to study IT basics to even do the simplest of jobs with the emerging technologies of 2020. With improved networking and internet people can now find IT jobs easily online. You can also follow a career path in different IT departments through working online for companies and organizations. You can find IT jobs online at Aware

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