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6 Best iPad Pro Apps of 2019: Use Faster Technology on a Big Screen

6 Best iPad Pro Apps of 2019: Use Faster Technology on a Big Screen

iPad Pro apps have streamlined the tedious work of many individuals who are using better technology without any roadblocks. With countless mobile apps available free on the app store, it can be frustrating to decide the best ones. If you have recently purchased an iPad Pro (or you habitually try different iPads form iPad Rental) and feeling like a tech nerd or a kid receiving a Christmas gift, then the following are six rock-solid iPad Pro apps you must download. 


As an award-winning and leading iPad Pro app, Ever note is helping many CEOs and professionals organize their life using a single app. Evernote allows you to save personal notes or an entertaining article you found on the internet and read it later. The best part about Evernote is that it synchronizes all the information and you can use any one of your Apple devices to access it. It is a power-packed app where you can add and organize daily to-do lists, website pages, personal images, or voice notes. 

Top Features

  • Create and share information using a single app
  • Synchronize every information
  • Use it as a personal digital notepad
  • Clip the best articles seamlessly


  • Free 
  • Premium Version ($7.99 monthly) 

Microsoft Excel 

Apple owners are promoting iPad Pro apps as a competitive computing device and Microsoft Excel is leading the frontline. As a popular spreadsheet and all-in-one iPad Pro app, there are many major improvements in Microsoft Excel. By using Microsoft Excel, you can quickly create and add charts while making several edits to current data or information. Buying an iPad Pro and using Microsoft Excel means you can finish complex work and keep track of everything while on the go. 

Top Features

  • Check the Excel files using every Apple device
  • Create agile and high-end spreadsheets 
  • Add and calculate tax estimates or personal finances 
  • Develop business charts or graphs 


  • Free
  • $7 per month to subscribe Office 365 
  1. YouTube

Love watching movie trailers or how-to videos? Download YouTube, an incredible and easy-to-use video player used by millions of people every day. Whether you want to learn how to play piano on your own or the best fitness regimens, YouTube offers a wide array of videos. With the help of a YouTube app, you can even create videos and upload them directly with the world on your iPad Pro app.  

Top Features

  • Watch free, long-form videos every minute 
  • Discover millions of free how-to guides
  • Create a private playlist using a specific name 
  • Download videos to view it late on the Offline Mode 


  • Free
  • $12 per month subscription for YouTube Premium
  1. Shadowmatic

When it comes to gaming apps, Shadowmatic is a compelling and imagination-stirring game with stunningly beautiful visuals and high-grade graphics. You have to rotate abstract objects properly to jump higher levels offering an amazing user experience. As an award-winning and simulating gaming app, Shadowmatic has become a personal favorite of many users because of its unique features, a new concept, and soothing music.

Top Features

  • Up to 100 levels in 12 different environments
  • Arcade mode (Play solo or with a team of 20)
  • Quickly synchronized with Apple TV
  • Amazing parallax view with top-rated graphics


  • $3.99
  1. Paper 

No need to use a paper to start sketching anymore. Use the Paper app to sketch anything whether it is an object or a person. Download Paper for free on your iPad Pro to instantly capture and draw something creative. You can easily synchronize your notes, pictures, and a range of sketches. This mobile app is specifically designed for those who love taking notes or drawing art. Use the Apple Pencil feature to edit all the pictures and save it on the app.

Top Features

  • Access a range of how-to guides and creative prompts 
  • Create and organize scattered ideas on a digital paper
  • Use your creativity by subscribing to Paper Pro 
  • Capture and add multiple photos on a single page


  • Free
  • Offer In-App Purchases


As a comprehensive image editor for iPad Pro, Pixelmator provides various features ranging from easy adjustments, pixel-to-pixel editing, to layer support. If you use your mobile to take pictures, paint, or designing graphics, then Pixelmator is a must-have app on your iPad Pro. It is a glitch-free app that works on all Apple devices. With power-pack photo-editing tools, painting techniques, and graphic design features, Pixelmator provides everything you require to sketch, paint, or draw. 

Top Features

  • Quickly access, save and edit Photoshop images with multiple layers 
  • Merge various texts, shapes, and texts using over 30 modes
  • Use outlines, shadows, gradient files as non-destructive layers
  • Apply several attractive effects


  • $5 

These are six popular mobile apps you can download right after buying your iPad Pro. From Evernote to Pixelmator, every mobile app has a user-friendly interface and amazing features. But, there are numerous iPad apps you can check based on the features and functionalities. 

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