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Best invoice software for business in 2020

Best invoice software for business in 2020

What is invoice? How it is done? What is the proper way of doing it? Should I hire an accountant? Will it be worth hiring one? Are there any invoice software for business purposes?

If you are a person just like me, who have done his/her last class on accounts in college. And have all the same question which as mentioned above. Then you are at the right place reading the right article.

Even if you are an expert in the account field and you are more than capable of doing all the accounts yourself. You are welcome to do so. But if you are an owner of a nosiness the you surely know “Time is Money”. The time wasted on doing the manual accounting can be spent on doing something fruitful.

If you are a business owner then you must be pre occupied with the money. Where to spend it and how to spend it. There are many invoice software’s for businesses that can save your money, time and mental effort that can be used in doing something fruitful.

This article is all about best invoice software for business purposes.

7 best invoice software for business

When you start thinking of the invoice software for business, the first question that arises is “which is the best invoice software for business in 2020”. For your convenience, I have listed down the best invoice software for business purposes that can be very useful for you in 2020.


Freshbooks is one of the old players of the invoice software for business. It is an all in one invoice software. Its features are not only limited to invoicing. It also does time tracking, project collaboration, think about the expenses, payments and reporting. It has also launched a mobile app which is vastly used by the freelancer for their on the go convenience.

It provides intuitive design with professional invoices. You have to organise the expenses, track the time, and send follow ups to the clients, this all can becomes sometime boring task. Worry no, Freshbook has an automated feature to do all the tasks.

Freshbook has the features to accept payments with a credit card as well. You can even create custom reports on the growth of the business. You can even keep a tab on every up and down of your business. This can help you highlights the area you are lacking behind.

It also provides cloud storage system; this can help you to access data from anywhere. This way you don’t have to worry about your data getting lost.


No other invoice software for business can rival this software when it comes to keeping an eye on the cash flow. The popularity of this software can be measured by the subscriber it has. With more than 1 million subscribers, it is among the popular software.

It provides a mobile application for better convenience. The app can send invoice, reconcile your account and it can even create the expense form. All this can be done from your smartphone.

As this software is excellent in monitoring the cash flow, it has the ability to import and categorise your bank statements. This make it easy to see the cash flow in real time. The best part of this software is that it is linked with more than 700 business apps.

The noted feature of this software is that it can send the invoice online to your client and customers. And it also notifies you when they open the invoice.


Square are very common among the vendors. This software is capable of doing debit and credit card payments. If you are a new business then this invoice software can really help you in the cash flow. As it has the ability to process the debit and credit payments. This way you can have smooth cash flow.

For small business Square provide two types of packages, Square Point of Sale and Square Retail. It allows you to send invoice, recurring payments, book appointments, integrate third party e commerce site.

It’s also compatible with other tools like QuickBooks, plus you get other perks like payment dispute assistance, chargeback protection, and PCI compliance included.

There is no monthly fee, but it does charge per transaction (3.5% plus $0.15) and per swipe (2.75%)


if you are an entrepreneur and had started a business. Then wave can really help you with all the invoice services. This software does all the basic thing which an invoice software is meant to do. In addition, this software set up the recurring payments and auto mated bills. If you spring for one of the paid packages, you can also set up pay-per-use payments or monthly payroll.

If you desperately need an accountant but could not afford one. Then Wave is the prime choice. It offers bookkeeping services and accounting coaching to make sure your finances and your business are on the right track.

This software will let you know the financial health of your business and provide solution, if any problems occurs in the cash flow.


Billy is quite popular among the busy entrepreneur who wants a seamless invoicing. This invoice software for business is well known for its simple and easy navigation dashboard. It accesses your invoices, bills, recurring invoices, quotes, contacts, and accounting from the left-hand menu bar. It is always on toes on maintaining the perfect invoice report.

This software also accepts credit card payments. It turns on all the recurring payments, and send late payments reminders making a one stop shop which give solution for all financial problems.


Your business may be flourishing but still your revenue is not the point where it needs to be. If that’s what happening to your business that means you need to double check the cash flow of your business. May bee there is leakage in the flow from where your money is being wasted.

I have listed down some of the best invoice software for business in 2020, which can help you to get a real time view of the cash flow. It can also highlight the problem with a customized solution.

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