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5 Best Home Automation Apps: You Need To Know In 2020

5 Best Home Automation Apps: You Need To Know In 2020

Home automation continues to earn lots of recognition among many homeowners. Home automation systems will make your life more comfortable and give you full control over electronic devices in your home. In today’s world, they are becoming cheaper as time goes by, and this allows you to pick a few that can work for your home.

Here are the best smart home apps:

1. Philips Hue: Limitless lighting for your home

Light is an integral aspect of every home. With the Philips Hue app, you can easily control Philips Hue smart bulbs, set the brightness levels, change the light color, and set specific times for setting your bulbs on or off.

But it beats logic to have bright bulbs when your house is full of clutter. The lights will make the mess more visible, hence the need for custom closets. They will enable you to create enough storage space. And this will make your space more organized and inviting.

2. MyQ Garage and Access Control App

The garage is a crucial aspect of your home, and it acts as a storage space for many expensive items. You probably have forgotten to pull down your garage door a couple of times, but with this app, this won’t be an issue.

MyQ Garage is the best smart home app. It allows you to open your garage from any place, share access with people you trust, and schedule the door to close later on. And what’s more? You can connect it to other smart devices in your home, and these are, for example, lights and thermostats from different manufacturers. MyQ Garage and Access Control App is available for both iPhone or Android devices.

3. Nest App

There are many smart home apps, but the Nest app stands out. It’s a must-have app for every homeowner and is an excellent way of managing all your other smart devices. It’s a universal smart home app and enables you to do a variety of things. These include seeing a visitor at your door, monitoring your home via Nest security cameras, checking your home temperature, sensing smoke and carbon monoxide, and many more. Nest App plays the role of a central hub for your Nest products and enables you to manage them from one application.

4. Control4 MyHome App

Control4’s smart home system is ideal for homeowners looking to automate their entire home. With this app, you can remotely shut down video game consoles, control lighting in your home, security, energy, and many more. It’s ideal for people who have a Control 4 Controller and an automation system for their home.

With this app, you’ll control and view the status of your entire smart home as well as other things like lights, cameras, thermostats, and door locks right from your mobile phone. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

5. Apple HomeKit App

Any Avid apple user will fall in love with the Apple Home App. The app is unique in many ways. First of all, it works through other apps that control your smart home devices allowing them to interact. This way, you can easily manage your entire home from one place. It uses “scenes” to accomplish different functions with a single press of a button. It efficiently turns off the lights, locks doors, and adjusts thermostats to save on energy.


If you are a lover of technology, then home automation may be an idea worth considering. To start automating your home, acquire one smart device, start with maybe the lights or the garage, and keep adding more products. While at it, look for smart home apps that work together to perform essential tasks in your home.

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