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Best guide to effectively track your Employees

Best guide to effectively track your Employees

Employees are the real asset of your company, everyone’s productivity effects directly on your company’s growth. Keeping track of their productivity is your duty. 

Tracking employees’ productivity was seen as a complicated and pressing challenge. No more the case with the advent of employee time tracking software. With the fastest growing trends for flex work, and an increasing need to hire remote workers with a lack of availability of advanced tech skills. Employee monitoring software was a need of time. There are different ways a time monitoring software can help you monitor the progress of your workforce.

Review their work on a daily basis

Assign them daily tasks, and never forget to review their work. The quality of work tells a lot about your employee’s concerns towards the company. Try checking their work when it’s in progress too. This tells you a lot about their responsibility towards the end-product. Spot-check on a project they are currently working on for example if they are writing reports check out the drafts. If they are making phone calls, record them and check random samples.

Ask around about your employee

A very dedicated employee is of no use if his or her behavior isn’t good. Ask around about their behavior from the people they interact with. Try getting casual feedback. It could be your customer if they are in customer care if they interact with specific employees. Don’t ask for impressions but for details. And don’t believe everything you hear. But keep your ear to the ground. Ask around on a regular basis, by the time you will know which source can be trusted.

Increase engagement

The more you are involved with your employees the more they will stay open to you. And hence, you may not require any other measure to track your employees. While assigning them tasks, ask if they have completely understood it or if they need any specific tools to get the work done. These small queries will let you know how much they are into their work. If possible, try talking to them outside of work, helps to let you know more about their nature.

Transparent communication

Everyone wants to work as a team and meet the organization’s goal. An employer should be open with the employees about their expected performance. How their performance will be tracked. These things will keep employees confident about how they are going to meet their tasks. If you are using any kind of employee time tracking software be transparent about it. Let them see the insights in this way they will know where they are lacking and in what areas they need improvement.

Monitor their computer activity

Monitoring employees’ computer use in the workplace may seem controversial, but stats speak for themselves. Companies that monitor employee workplace computer reports have a 30% productivity boost within the first month.

Several employee time tracking software is now being offered to effectively track your employee’s activities. Whether your employee is working in the same room or you are hiring a freelancer halfway around the world, this software gives intelligent insights about your employee’s productivity.


No business or company can run efficiently if their employees are unproductive. Though its never an employee’s vision that leads the company. It is a collective result of the whole team and the goal provided by its employer. You only need to find the right track to achieve your desired goal. Keep your workforce happy, satisfied and energetic.

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