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Best Fishing Apps Of 2020 For Lobsterman

Best Fishing Apps Of 2020 For Lobsterman

Fishing is a tradition in a few cultures and also a hobby sport. This is still an occupation for many and is also a leisure activity. Fishing is simplified with an app and comes with many metrics that prevent you from doing the guesswork. You can get an accurate analysis when you use this app. You can get an insight into the location where the fish are located. It saves time and gets you the fish you want in a short time. You can catch as many fish as you want using this app. 

For those who go fishing regularly, this is a great app to go with. These are the essential app in the android and iOS platforms for those who love to go fishing. With this app, you will know which areas to fish to get the best catch. These are the fishing apps you can use for catching different species of fish and know where to find one.

1.Pro Angler Fishing App

This app is suitable for saltwater fishing. It provides a lot of information that you would need when you go fishing. It provides real-time weather forecasts and solunar charts so you know which is the best time to go fishing in the calendar. It is easy to know which is a good spot to go fishing using this app. You can choose from more than 15,000 spots for fishing in various locations using this app. 

You also get information about shops that sell fish. This is a good app to use if you are choosing a new place for fishing. This app is suitable for leisure activities as well as a professional fisherman. They can use it to know where to fish and get the exact fish you want. You can choose this app to get a lot of fish for selling in the market. You can download this app for free and pay for the extra features you want to use. This app is free of ads and can be used.

Platform: Android and iOS 

Price: Free for 14 days, 59.99$/ year, 34.99$/ 3 months

Rating: 2.4 


  • A detailed guide about angling techniques
  • Information about species of fish
  • Information about state and federal regulations for fishing
  • Weekly fishing region updates
  • Hotspots and reefs information
  • Information about weather, tides, and solunar charts
  • Avalanche of information about charters, local bait shops, marinas, etc
  • Free recipes, information about knots, license, etc
  • Fishing reports


Kyle Reid founded the Pro Angler fishing app with the best features of professional fishermen, as well as hobbyists, can use. 

2. Orvis Fly Fishing app

A lot of people love to fly fishing because it gives them a chance to explore the outdoors and spend time in nature. You can use this app for fly fishing. This guide comes with a guide to let you know how to catch fish using videos. It also comes with podcasts on fly fishing. You can choose from more than 200 spots for fly fishing. When you use this app, you get updates on your smartphone. It is available for iOS as well as Android smartphones. 

You can take a look at the knot tying session and know the technique of choosing various tasks when using a flying rod. This app is useful for beginners as well as advanced fishermen and hobbyists. The user interface is very friendly and has a lot of useful information in the form of videos and podcasts. The step by step tutorials are useful for beginners who want to try fly fishing.

Platform: iOS 

Price: 3.99$ 

Rating: 4.5 


  • Learn 20 different types of flying knots
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Videos on how to hold a fly rod
  • Information about fly casting mistakes to avoid
  • Guide for catching more than 100 trout flies
  • Real-time updates on fishing
  • Fishing tips and information about bait fish, hatches, and more
  • Glossary on fishing terms
  • Enabled with Google cloud messaging


Founded by the oldest fly fishing company in U.S by the name Orvis. Charles. F. Orvis founded this company in the 18th century. They have more than 70 retail outlets in U.S. 


All types of fishermen can use this app because it is versatile and comes with many features. It comes with an avalanche of information and umpteen fishing spots in the entire U.S. You can get specific information about hot spots where you can find better fish using this app. It lets you record the catches and showcase the record of the catches you had to other users. 

It comes with privacy settings that let you choose if you want to make your records public or private. The app is free to download and use and comes with extra paid features you can use after making in-app purchases. 

It comes with GPS coordinates that let you know which is the best spot for catching fish. It is available for iOS as well as Android smartphones. 

Platform: iOS and Android 

Price: 49.99$/year 

Rating: 4.6 


  • Social features
  • Information about waterways
  • Data about fish species
  • Weather conditions
  • More than 150 saltwater location
  • Location information of more than 1700 streams
  • 20,000 freshwater lake locations for fishing
  • Maps with information about water bodies for fishing
  • Navigation features
  • 50,000 areas for anglers
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Social interactions
  • Sharable features


It was developed by Fishidy, a start-up. They developed this app to help fishing hobbyists catch fish easily and find hotspots for fishing. The app was first released in the year 2013. This is an interactive fishing map that has many streams and lake locations on it where you can go fishing. 

4.Fish Deeper

A versatile app that shows sonar scans, boat speed, water levels, and many other metrics useful for finding fish. It has features that let you personalize the experience of fishing using the features of this app. You also get to see the history of specific locations of your choice and get information about the best places to fish. You can make notes using this app and log every fish you catch. You can revisit any spot on the map at any time. 

You get a good understanding of the water depth using this app. You can get complete information about the temperature of the water before you can go fishing in the chosen water bodies. You can successfully catch fish when you use this app. This app provides charts, forecasts, and hot spots about fishing. This app is useful when you go to boat fishing. This app can also be used for saltwater fishing. It comes with a list of tools that can be used online as well as offline.  

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: free 

Rating: 3.5 


  • Online and offline maps
  • Easy controls with every session
  • Boat speed
  • Easy sonar connectivity
  • Records of history of catching fish
  • Easy to rewind data
  • User-friendly layout
  • Detailed information
  • Fully adjustable features
  • Saving and backup options
  • Easy to create bathymetric maps for water bodies
  • Easy to store ice fishing and angling data

Founder: unknown


Connect and socialize with other hobbyists who love fishing through this app. It comes with great features and social connectivity that lets you interact with other fishing enthusiasts. This is the fishing app that has the largest social network. You can view the information of catches of other users on this app and share your information as well. It comes with useful forecasting information that lets you catch fish in different locations. 

This is the best app a beginner angler can use. It works on all devices and platforms. You can get information about the water bodies in your local area and nearby locations. You will also get information about at what time you can catch the fish. You will know many other places where you can catch fish. You will also get statistics and logs about all the catches. It is easy to track your success of catches with this app. You can discover new fishing locations using this app. This app is free to download and use and comes with in-app purchases for using premium features.

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: in-app purchase for 39.99$

Review: 4.1


  • Social media integration
  • Multiple device connectivity
  • Social connectivity
  • Records logs and reports
  • Weather forecasts
  • Easy to find new fishing locations
  • Best for beginners
  • Good recommendations for bait
  • In-depth information about fishing locations


Fishbrain app was launched in 2010. It is created by Ryan Lally and available in Apple and Google Play stores. It is one of the most popular fishing apps that has been around for the past 10 years. It provides unique knowledge about fishing locations and spots.  


Listed here are the top fishing apps for hobbyists as well as professional fishermen. These apps are user-friendly and easy to use. You can excel in the sport using these apps as they are suitable for beginner anglers as well. Users can get detailed information about fishing locations and the best time to fish in different locations. It saves your time and lets you catch the best bait with the use of this app. You can enjoy this activity better by using this app. 

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