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The Best Apps For Your iPhone In 2019

The Best Apps For Your iPhone In 2019

One of the great advantages of the iPhone is its directory of applications, which has a great diversity. Whatever your need, it is almost always certain that there will be an application ready to meet it. Some are already old acquaintances. With that in mind, we’ve broken down a list of the best iOS apps available in 2019. And most can be downloaded for free!

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EnlightPixaloop is ideal for those who like to dare and post different content on their social networks. That’s because it allows you to create animated photos (the famous GIFs) very easily.

It works as follows: After uploading a photo, you must “draw” with your fingers the directions in which each part of the photo should move. You can then add “anchors” by a few clicks on the areas where you want the photo to remain static.


The PicsArt is a photo editor that has several interesting tools. Through the app, you can add layers (or thematic illustrations that merge with the photo), apply effects, crop and resize photos, among other options and also you can get free codes.

It can be downloaded for free. However, there is also its paid version, which offers new tools as well as different effects.


For those who like to draw, this is a great option. Animatic lets you draw multiple pictures and then create GIFs with them. Its version is currently paid, and costs about $ 37 on the App Store.


This is an app very similar to Animatic. However, it is free. The principle is basically the same: draw and create GIFs with the pictures. The cool thing is that it allows you to add sound to the newly created figures.


Clips is an app aimed at social media posts. So, his specialty is the variety of fun tools he presents. In addition to filters and other typical tools, it has the ability to record videos or import them from the gallery.

For iPhone X and beyond, it gets even more fun as it lets you create animated 3D selfies and position them in a variety of scenarios and also contains free cards.


Still in terms of editing and exporting photos to social networks, we can count on a very interesting application: VSCO Cam. Before, the application was paid, but today it has a free version too, although it does not have the same number of effects available. However, even free effects are able to add great beauty to photos, making colors more vibrant or adding more pastel tones. There is also an in-app social network that lets you upload photos and interact with other photographers or enthusiasts.


This app allows you to store passwords for when they are needed again. Interestingly, it works for both iOS and the web. For newer iPhone models, Face ID can be used.


For those who have a busy routine, this app is essential. It allows you to list the various tasks present in daily life, so that it becomes almost impossible to forget them! It works on both smartphones and tablets, computers and smartwatches.


This app has exactly the same function as Wunderlist, allowing you to spend less time on tasks and also remember to-do issues.


This app is essential for anyone who is constantly chatting in groups as it allows you to organize them in a very satisfying way. It also allows you to save photos and videos in groups for later use. It also gives you free gift cards.

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