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All That You Need to Know About the Best Anti Phishing Software

All That You Need to Know About the Best Anti Phishing Software

We cannot ignore phishing attacks anymore. When around $1.4 billion are lost to phishing attacks every year, it is high time that enterprises make their systems secure by updating their protection software. 

The reason to say so is quite simple. If the traditional antivirus and malware protection software was efficient, there wouldn’t be as many scammers getting away with duping employees and enterprises on almost a daily basis. Attackers are working as a team to break down the protective barriers and bypass the antivirus software. It is necessary that enterprises tighten internal system security. It is possible by opting for the latest anti-phishing software available in the market

In this blog, we will see how the best anti-phishing software will provide complete protection to the systems of the enterprise. 

Deploy Effortlessly 

    • One can integrate the anti-phishing software into the existing email system.
    • It works efficiently with any of the other malware and spam ware protection systems.
    • Office 365, G Suite, Exchange or any other email system, the anti-phishing software can be seamlessly integrated with any of those. 
    • The volume of the enterprise is of no concern. The software works on any number of devices and provides equal protection from phishing attacks. 

Train Employees with User-friendly Warnings

  • Training employees can help in making them more alert while checking their email. But with the workload, each employee has, expecting them to detect every fraudulent email they receive is unrealistic. 
    • The best anti-phishing software will train the employees in a unique method. It is possible by using the warning banners that pop up with each email.
    • These banners have simple and easy-to-understand keywords. It provides a hint about the type of fraud attempted by attackers using the email.
    • Using words like malicious content, external source, blacklisted domain, etc. the banner has a link where employees can click to know more about the type of phishing attack.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Technology 

  • Built and deployed from the cloud platform, the software becomes invisible and creates a protective wall around the email system. 
    • Machine learning is a new concept where every single element of an email goes for the investigation. It is mainly done to check for any hidden malicious code.
    • Brand forgery, compromised emails, hidden code in HTML emails are some of the ways in which attackers try to dupe the employees by impersonating a known brand or a colleague. 
    • Computer vision sees an email as a human does, but with extra attention using artificial intelligence.
    • Zero-Day attacks which are relatively new and do not have a solution in the traditional software can be detected and blocked by using computer vision. 
    • We can detect domain spoofing, spear phishing, and whaling attacks and then block it effectively. The software reads the code and checks the final page where the link leads to identify if the email is genuine or fraud. 
    • Behavioural patterns and brand profiling techniques come in use to detect emails that come from unusual sources. 
    • Empty logos are detected and the email is recognized as fraudulent and brand forgery. 

Works on Any Device

  • Most enterprises allow employees to use their personal devices at work. This makes it easy for attackers as the traditional software does not provide protection for personal devices. 
    • The best anti-phishing software works on any device and from any location. As the software runs on the cloud, it can alert the users about suspicious emails on desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc. 
    • Users will only need to click on the report email option that is available on the pop-up banner. The email will be reported, and the status will be updated on the dashboard.

Intuitive and Interactive Dashboard 

  • The interactive dashboard will keep the management updated about the number of phishing attacks that have been detected, blocked, quarantined at all times. 
    • A day to day pictorial and graphical representation of various types of phishing attacks is present on the dashboard. 

Switch over to the latest, advanced, and next-generation phishing solutions by Inky to keep employees safe from all kinds of phishing attacks.  

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