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When Do You Need to Clean Your Android Phone

When Do You Need to Clean Your Android Phone

Not paying proper attention to cleaning up your storage space will result in slowing down of your phones and frequent crashing while switching up apps. No matter if your phone is just weeks old or been more than a year, it will start to slow down if you do not clean up the temporary files on a regular basis. This is a very common problem faced by the users of the android devices just after the purchase even within just a few weeks.

Every time you open an app or use a search engine it creates temporary files and cache which are needed at that moment for its proper functioning but later on those files are unnecessary and over time they accumulate and create junk on your phone. These junk files are not useful and just take up your storage space which results in a slow processor and a higher level of your frustration while using your phone. Also sharing and downloading files create duplicate files on your phone which just takes up space and slows down your phone. The apps running stealthily behind the apps you are using or just when your phone is ideal is also a problem that we do not pay attention to. It affects your phone’s battery life which results in faster drainage and constant freezing or hanging of apps.

Now you can either clean these junk files manually by going to your settings option and cleaning the cache and data from the manage apps tab which will help speed up your phone but will also take a while or you can just download an app from your play store which will take care of these unnecessary files i.e. delete them. Here are lists of a few of the best android cleaner apps which will help clean your storage space and also boost its processor.

1.   Duplicate File Fixer And Remover

This is one of the most popular apps present on the play store which is extremely user friendly and have a simple interface. It supports all file formats like documents, images, videos, and audios. The app will scan your entire phone for duplicate files and lets you preview it before you delete them. You can also create a backup of your files if you want to restore them in the future. You can opt for a categorized scan or full scan depending on your requirement and it will just take a quick tap and ‘voila!’ enjoy the speed up the processor and cleaned up storage space. The app supports 15 languages including French, German and Arabic, etc. which make it so popular worldwide.

2.   CCleaner For Android

This app is super light on your storage space and does the job quickly and effectively. It has a very interactive interface with lots of options for optimizing your phone and cleaning out the junk files. It goes to the deepest corners of your phone and cleans out the cache and unnecessary data resulting in a fast working processor and no freezing while using multiple apps simultaneously.

3.   Clean My Android

As you would have guessed it does what the name suggests. It is a very smart app that is lightweight on your phone and cleans up the background apps that constantly drain your battery life and storage. If you have a problem manually clearing your apps cache, this app is perfect for you. Just with the single tap it will clean out the cache and junk files from your phone and give that very much needed boost to your android phone for proper and speedy functioning.

4.   Go Speed

This app is one of the highest-ranking apps available on the play store. It will speed up your phone just with a single tap like never before and clean junk files accurately. It has an intelligent processor that will let you know of the background apps that slow down your phone so you can clean them as well. It will not only create space in your phone but will also improve the battery life of your device. This app is the perfect booster your android will need to amp up your phone’s working speed.

5.   Duplicate File Finder

Most of the extreme issue of phone hanging or low storage space arises when there are loads of duplicate files that accumulate over time while sharing and downloading. This affects your phone processor and results in its slow working. This app is highly effective in finding those duplicate files and helping you delete them. The app supports all file formats and is super easy to use and one of the best android cleaner apps. It also supports your SD card which means it will not only clean duplicate files on your phone but will also find and clean your SD card creating new storage space.

We have mentioned above some of the Android cleaner apps that will clean your android device easily. We suggest users to download and install Duplicate files fixer application and clean junk files easily. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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