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Best Android Based Clone Apps to Balance the Hustle Between Work and Personal Life

Best Android Based Clone Apps to Balance the Hustle Between Work and Personal Life

The past few months have amalgamated our work-life balance. With remote working being the new normal and kids being home working professionals face various challenges that may seem insignificant when discussed but have a great impact on productivity and mental wellness. It is being quite difficult to draw the line between professional and personal life. Often technology gets the blame of being the biggest time killer. But as the situations have taken a 360-degree turn it is the technology that has helped all of us survive the difficult situations.

The advancements in the mobile app development industry have made things a little easier. No matter how far we have come, the advances in innovation and development of mobile application development has offered to ascend to some mind-blowing applications that can really assist individuals with making a balance in their carries on with by advancing positive physical and psychological well-being, following and overseeing cash to stay away from budgetary pressure, and ensuring the most important asset: time.

Jotted down here are some of the best apps that you can clone and let your customers feel the ease of balancing their work mode with their family time mode.

Best Apps to Clone to Balance Work and Life

1.Time Tune

This android based app can help you take control of your daily life. It lets you define your daily tasks, and time your activities. Also, it gives a clear indication if you are giving a lot of time or very little time for any task. Once you time all your tasks you can easily plan your day and maintain the work-life balance.

A clone app for the same would be a great idea to help you win customers and add to their balanced life.

2.Focus Booster

The app is based on simple Pomodoro technique. It is another app that can help you keep a track of your time. The best part of the app is its easy navigation and comprehensive functionalities. You can work on the tasks and check your timing here to plan the rest of your day.

3.Simply Yoga

Why not go for something that helps your client maintain their health? This simple app lets your user have yoga sessions for 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes a day. A cloned app for this would surely help you win the market, especially when we know things would never be the same as the pre-pandemic era.

4.PIP Stress Tracker

A simple tool that tracks your stress level and records your stress triggers. Not just it tracks your stress triggers but it also shares some interesting tools and ways to deal with the stress. Help your customer base stay calm and composed with this simple app and be in a win-win situation.

5.Dragon Dictation

There’s a lot to note and you can’t type as quick as a millennial. Well relax. This interesting and super modern app helps you give a little rest to your fingers. It gets on the screen what you speak. Thus, you need not type your message, just speak and let your smartphone type for you.


No working professional walks the lane of professional dedicated life without this app. A clone to this app with easier navigation and comprehensive functionalities would be welcomed in the industry quite warmly. Let your customers feel the ease of work and stick notes on their phones for an easier and better life.


To be honest I am really terrible at keeping a record of my finances and monthly expenses. Slice was suggested to me by one of my friends. The app is quite interesting and helps me keep track of my expenses. It collects the receipts for various purchases that are delivered in my inbox and stores them together.

The weekend is all about collecting all the receipts together!


An app that helps you keep a track of the medicines that you need to have. It also records the prescriptions. Thus, you can so easily take care of the elderly in your family and be everyone’s pet. This is actually a great app to clone and win a clientele of various age groups. I find it really helpful, as it helps me take care of my grandparents easily.


Surely the world is busy with online shopping these days. All you are expected to do is provide them an app that collects various coupons and helps them avail some extra discounts at the most convenient ways.


Working from home and there’s an important document that needs to be signed? Well, easy. This app lets you sign your official documents digitally and saves a lot of hustle. Sometimes technology brings a sigh of relief to us. Isn’t It?

Technology Brings It to End!!!

These are just a few mobile apps that have helped the generation to maintain their work and life. If you want to earn great revenues in a short span of time, just take advantage of the black swan situation around the world and come up with an app that can help people maintain their work-life balance and be a little relieved.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical content writer and is associated with A3logics for over a couple of years. She has a keen interest in Mobile App Developmentand is often found struggling with some unique topics for her upcoming projects. She is often found discussing the latest developments with the technical team. When not working on any of her writing projects, she is either reading any of the Agatha Christie mysteries or busy gardening.

Catch her here.

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