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The best activities to do when visiting the island of Madagascar

The best activities to do when visiting the island of Madagascar

Madagascar, the island continent off the east coast of Africa and the fifth largest island in the world which covers an area of ​​578,041 km², it has a wide variety of landscapes and will offer you a wide range of activities to occupy your holidays.

There are a lot of things to do there, so if you plan to go there soon and are looking for inspiration to organize your stay, here are 10 things to do in Madagascar.

Visit the baobab alley

Located in the west of Madagascar, this group of baobabs which borders the road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina is certainly one of the most emblematic images of Madagascar and for good reason: the alley of baobabs will make you feel small… Tiny!

If you can, go there at sunset when the shadows of these gigantic trees draw impressive shapes against the orange-toned sky … It’s an experience not to be missed.

See the lemurs

The lemur is the most famous and loved animal on the Red Island.

If you want to get a closer look, be sure to visit Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, which is home to large populations of lemurs such as the “Indri Indri”, the largest living lemur.

Located 140 km from Antananarivo, this park is also home to exceptional biodiversity and very rare endemic species. A visit not to be missed for nature lovers!

Tread the incredible turquoise water of the Three Bays

Sakalava Bay, Pigeon Bay and Dune Bay will amaze you with their wild beauty, turquoise water and the incredible white sand found there. In addition to swimming, you can take advantage of your time in these bays to learn surfing and bird watching.

Discover Antananarivo

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar and like all the big cities of the world it has many sites to discover. 

Among them, we advise you to take the time to climb up to the Queen’s Castle from where you will have a breathtaking view of the city, to stroll along the shore of Lake Anosy, and if you have time left, discover the superb park of Tsarasaotra to see all kinds of birds.

You can also do tailor made Madagascar tour all around the island.

Visit Ambohimanga hill

This small village located in one of the 12 sacred hills of Antananarivo is composed of a royal city, a royal funerary site and a set of sacred places is classified as a UNESCO heritage as the most symbol representative of the identity of the people. It is located 24 km northeast of Antananarivo and is well worth a visit for its cultural and historical importance.

Stop at a market

To interact with the locals, discover traditional cultures, zebus or even bush markets, you must visit one of the many markets in Madagascar. We particularly recommend the “Digue” market, a bit out of Antananarivo but really authentic. It is also the ideal place to buy spices and especially the famous vanilla from Madagascar.

Go through the city of crafts

Do not miss this atypical city which is Ambositra. Steeped in Malagasy culture, you will see zebus pulling the plows and roaming the city, adobe houses and many other surprises. It is also the city of craftsmanship par excellence and you can visit workshops in woodworking, basketry or weaving.

Bring back a handcrafted souvenir

Do not leave Madagascar without having bought some handcrafted souvenirs. The Malagasy indeed have real fairy fingers and use surprising tools to make treasures that you will not find anywhere else. We particularly recommend the pretty baskets and bags made of vegetable fibers, wood carvings and traditional musical instruments like the “Valiha”.

Walk the coast of vanilla

On your journey, don’t miss the vanilla rib. If you are an adventure lover, and have time, this is indeed a corner not to be missed under any circumstances!

Located in the northeast of Madagascar, this coast is very difficult to access, almost landlocked, but will offer you the possibility of making wonderful treks in dream settings and a beautiful overview of the culture of vanilla, so dear to the inhabitants. of the island.

Taste the local cuisine

Authentic and tasty, the Malagasy cuisine is very rich, often spicy, sometimes mixing sweet and savory, as well as local and seafood products. You can taste it both in unpretentious taverns and in luxurious restaurants.

Among the dishes not to be missed, we especially recommend the ravitoto, a local dish made from cassava leaves, romazava, made from meat and green vegetables or Vary soa, composed of rice, hard-boiled eggs, sausage or grilled meat.

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