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What are the Best 5 Markets for Students to Visit in Berlin

What are the Best 5 Markets for Students to Visit in Berlin

Berlin is the city of dreams for those pursuing higher education and also a place which is no less in providing much needed welcome break from hectic study schedules. Famous for the art scenes and modern landmarks, Berlin offers the best markets to visit, explore, and enjoy events for an altogether community feel. 

best 5 markets for students

Below given are details pertaining to popular markets for students to visit in Berlin. 

Mauer Park

Aspirants who are staying in student accommodation berlin, can have a perfect weekend day out, at Mauer Park, a place that brings creativity to life.  Located in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, the english version of the name is ‘Wall Park’, which refers to being the former part of the Berlin wall. This is the place where the music magnets appear and sing their heart out to entertain. With ad hoc karaoke, fanfares, and talent shows, Mauer Park is a great place to spend the weekend and explore the paraphernalia of books, Berliner style souvenirs, and more. 



This is the best place to be at on a lazy Sunday morning for students to catch up with the open air market. It is a Saturday food market and opens as a flea market on every Sunday of the week. It is a grassy square, that stands witness to acoustic street singers and the vibrant antiquities vendors selling mix of things that anyone one would love to have. The Market also has a playground and play pool.  Though, The Boxhagener Platz is under protection as a garden monument, this is a place that is popular for recreational meadows, marketplace, and a children’s playground as well. 

Neukölln Market

This place is known for its vibrant array of stalls with lots of sun-gazing and some good drink to share with friends. The Neuköllner Market sells fresh fruits and veggies and is known for the amazing oriental spreads and vendors with fabric sold at a low cost. There are some emerging art pieces, vintage clothing and handmade goodies that can surely become a part of the student’s closet. Situated on Maybachufer, this is a farmer’s market  with around  120 – 150 market stalls much to the delight of the student shoppers thronging there.  

Leopoldplatz Flea Market

This is the place for students to be at, which is nestled near the Nazareth Church and is celebrated for its vast kaleidoscopic range of paraphernalia that fills up the weekend with colors. The market has some fabulous clothing pieces to sell along with small furniture, jewellery and is known as a flea market for some really affordable stuff. In short, this is an amazing weekend spot for students to keep up with the adventures of a being at a flea market, alive for many.  

Bode-Museum Market

This is a sprawling area that boasts of the incredible collection and range of books and antiquities sold in this market.  Known as a flea market, the place shares some breathtaking views over the River Spree and Berlin’s Museum Island. Packed with both usual and also some unusual products, there are vendors selling military items, stamps, tableware, vinyl, and some literary exceptions as well. This a great place to explore amusing stuff at never before prices.   

Apart from living in purpose-built student accommodation, the city has the best markets to visit and explore more of the city life. They can make good use of the leisure time available. The markets in Berlin cater to clothing, chic decoration pieces, souvenirs including market organizing events and some good old music.  

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