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Best 3 way to increase organic traffic through SEO Services

Best 3 way to increase organic traffic through SEO Services

When it comes to SEO services, there are so many misconceptions in among people regarding it. 

One of the most common misconceptions is, usage of keywords can help you increase your traffic.

Though this thing is not completely wrong, but stuffing your article with a lot of keywords or using irrelevant keywords will end up spoiling the quality and relevance of your article.

So, it will be always helpful for any newcomer to have basic knowledge on SEO Services India and its tactics. This way they will be able to excel and increase their organic traffic on SERP.

Here, we will focus on the top three ways that will help you to get a better ranking on SERP by increasing organic traffic.

Rank Your Content In Google’s Featured Snippet

Google featured snippets also known as answer boxes are the selected search results that can be seen on the top of result pages below the ads. These snippets aim to answer the user’s query right away. 

With passing time, Google is focusing on these snippets more and naturally these snippets can be found these days on search results more than ever. And being featured in these snippets means more exposure to the audience as users tend to view these snippets before clicking on any of these links.

So generally, this will be incredible to get your content placed on this section.

When talking about these featured snippets, there are a few factors that play a very important role. These are as follows:

  1. Once your website or content already rank on the Google first page, your links do not matter for ranking in Google featured snippet.
  2. You need to add your target keyword within one of the HTML tags in your content such as H1, H2, H3. 
  3. Make sure to write the answer to the question write under the title containing the keyword. Ensure that the word count in the answer line does not cross 58 words.
  4. In these snippets, Google does not add a whole paragraph from the text. Google might just list our headings in the snippets in case you add texts like Step1, Step2, Step3, etc at the beginning of para headings.
  5. Whereas for less question aimed keywords, Google retrieves a paragraph of the text in contrast to a step by step section.

According to a study by Ahrefs, 99% of the featured pages rank on top 10 on Google. So it is extremely important for you to rank on top to earn a featured place on the Google snippets. But if there is a link from Wikipedia on the same topic as yours, it might be difficult for you to be featured on the snippet.

Tools like SEMrush will help you get keywords that might help you rank better on the search page to get featured on Google snippet. If you find appropriate content to get featured on Google snippet, follow the above-mentioned information. 

Reclaiming Links

There are times when you might find someone else mentioning you, your business, or your content or services on their website. If they do so without liking your page, try to connect with them and ask them to add your page link there. This is a way to reach a wide range of viewers who might be unknown to you easily but effectively.

When the viewers of a said page find your name with the added link, they might find the sight reliable and will click your link to see the actual work. 

Here is how you can scale it,

Track your brand mentions. To find if someone has mentioned you online. 

You can take use tools like Mention or BuzzSumo for this. For this, you need to set up an alert using keywords related to your products. But make sure that you won’t receive alerts from your own website.

Once you are done setting the alert, go to your email ID and set up daily email notification for your mentions. At the same time, you can have your alerts on the desktop as well.

You can also bulk check on a list of several URLs to find out if there is any link mention of your website. In case you are not interested to perform a bulk check, you can easily choose the plugins available for this.

If you find out any mention try to contact the sited or the author so that they update the mention of you and/or your brand.

To contact, use the contact us option mentioned below the site. If you are able to find any email address on that website, try to get in touch with them in the mentioned ID. 

It would be better if you use tools like BuzzStream to perform this outreach process. They let you save the email templates on their site test the response rate as well. 

Boost Contents with Low Performance

The large percentage of organic traffic and leads for almost all the websites comes from a small percentage of the total content of a site.

But this will bring a lot of opportunity for you even if you do not notice it sooner.

You might have so much content on your service that might rank on the 2nd or 3rd page of the SERP, making them the low-hanging fruit projects.

To boost the performance of these contents following a few steps can help you. This only won’t just boost the performance of these particular contents but will boost the performance of your overall website.

  1. First, you need to forget these low performing websites. For this, Google Search Console can be a great help. Logging in here navigate the Search Analytic report. When you select the tickbox showing Clicks, Impression, and Position they will provide you with the data about those keywords that generate most of the traffics and impressions on SERP. On finding the keyword, you can fin don which page that keyword is ranking at by clicking on page radio option. 
  2. Next, you can find the page to drive more internal links through your low-hanging fruit page. For this, search on Google with the site name and domain, where you have mentioned the particular keywords to add internal links. Then, you can add the links in relevant places where the maximum number of external links are pointed at.
  3. While you are working on a certain project you can always try to improve keywords with the help of tools such as Accuranker.

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