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Bera Leopard Safari Booking Rajasthan

Bera Leopard Safari Booking Rajasthan

Bera safari booking can be easily done by as the number of hotels and resorts in this area are increasing. However, as a tourist, one needs to be more cautious before choosing a service provider especially when the trip includes a safari. Thour is a name that you can trust when it comes to making this adventure secure and enjoyable. We are a name that can be trusted by a large number of people who are unaware of this place and want to explore a wildlife reserve that is different from all other sanctuaries and national parks in India.

That’s right, Bera, Jawai, and varaval are the names of small hamlets that are contiguous to each other. And if you are planning to visit any one of them, you would actually be visiting all of them since they are located in the same expanse of land. There is a range of granite hills that are inhabited by a growing number of leopards, in these very hills, you also find some temples. Furthermore, you have river and diverse wildlife that involves species like crocodiles, hyenas, wolves, foxes, nilgai, jungle and several species of migratory birds.

Why should you visit Jawai, Bera, and Varaval?

Since the tract is diverse, it has also got a unique appeal to it, there are plenty of places to visit here including the Jawai dam and the hamlets in which the local tribes have settled. Due to different geographical attributes, the experience of doing safari is also distinct in many ways. It allows you to feel the adrenaline because you are able to see the animals from a closer distance in a different environment. Here, you don’t see them mounted on trees or hiding behind the bushes, here, the come out in open and perch themselves on rocky hills.

If you have wanderlust and want to explore some unusual places then you should surely come to this region. It allows you to blend in with the environment and gives you more chances to come closer to nature. For bird-watchers, this region is truly a heaven in the winter season, as you get to see more than 100 species of birds. Along with the birds, you also get to see a large number of crocodiles who also get a great range of food this season. However, the leopard is the apex predator and also the biggest attraction in this area.

How is leopard sighting better here?

In the typical forests, you may have to wander for hours in your jeep to take a glimpse of the beast, the situation is just the opposite when you are looking for them in the hills. On the rocky terrain, the leopards like to mostly stay outside so they could look for food or drink water. They do the same thing in the dense forests as well, but it is hard to spot them in the thick woods. On the hills, it becomes easier to see them as there is no such obstacle like tree or foliage. That’s why it hardly takes a few minutes to spot a leopard when you do a safari here.

Another thing that works in the favor of visitors is the proximity of hills to the river and the jungle as well. While visiting this area, you don’t have to spend hours traversing from one point to another. Within minutes, you can reach from the site of bird-watching to Jawai Dam or hills where you can see leopards. The tract is fairly leveled and not bumpy, so your safari also remains very comfortable and you don’t have to feel countless jerks while watching the wilderness. All in all, this region gives you a perfect experience of a safari.

What about the stay and other activities?

At Thour Nature Resorts, you get to stay in one of the finest glamping tents that are crafted to give you comfort and luxury. They are spacious from inside and equipped with all the modern amenities that you can wish for, if you are staying here, you will certainly be overwhelmed with our sense of hospitality. The rooms are air-conditioned and you get room-service round the clock, besides safari, you will be able to spend some quality time with your friends or family around the bonfire in the evening. 

The food that we provide here is not just delicious, but it is also healthy as we grow it on our own site using organic manure and methods. With this, we take the level of service one step ahead and give our guests every reason to like our property. If you are passionate about photography then this place gives you great opportunities with syncretic wildlife. Our services make sure that you make the most of your time even if you are visiting just for one day. We give you every chance to make the most of your trip with great unmatched services and spectacular safari tours.

Thour Nature Resorts is resolute to make your experience wonderful and it does not leave a stone unturned to make this possible. We ensure that your experience of visiting this region remains a thrilling and memorable memory throughout your life.

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