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6 benefits of using photo editing apps instead of Instagram filters

6 benefits of using photo editing apps instead of Instagram filters

Updating photos and stories over the different platforms or keeping them with yourself as memory is very trendy in today’s world. Similarly, people want their pictures to be good and professional so they use many editing techniques. Editing photos using filters are very famous in this modern era among all the other techniques. People are very fond of uploading and sharing pictures with family and friends. They want these pictures to look flawless and beautiful. So for this purpose they use filters. People can now easily use filters by using photo editing apps and Instagram. Both Instagram and editing apps have some perks. But there are certain benefits of using photo editing apps instead of Instagram filters, so there is no need to stick to Instagram only for the best filters. So if you want to know why photo editing apps are better then Instagram filters, you have just landed in the right place. Let us have a look at the reason why users should use photo editing apps instead of Instagram filters.

Variety in filters:

As Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, it provides its users with different filters to make their pictures look elegant and professional. The major drawback of Instagram filters is the minimum variety. Instagram lacks in providing users with a variety of filters to choose from for editing. It provides users with almost 40 filters that don’t change for months. Can you imagine 40 filters for billion of traffic? Whereas the photo editing apps provide users with a large variety of filters. Users can choose any of them according to their requirements. The exciting part is that there are certain photo editing apps that provide us with filters and effects only. Another benefit of using the incredible photo editing apps is the level of control these apps provide to the user.

Allow specific changes:

There is no doubt that Instagram provides users with some helpful editing options. But the drawback is, that it will not let you edit a specific portion of the photo. Instagram editing tools will apply changes to the whole picture. Whereas an image sometimes needs special editing in different areas to make it pop out. You can only do it by using some professional editing tools. Especially when you capture pictures in a bad light, each area of your images will require different types of editing. Editing apps give different brushes and tools for editing. But Instagram does not provide any brushes or tools for editing specific areas.

Offer advance focal effects:

ap. Instagram filters do not cover the background and other areas of the image. Normally mobile photographer requires features like blur background and Aperture. But unfortunately, Instagram does not offer such tools. In case you don’t like the background of your picture and want to change it or blur it, then you cannot do it using Instagram filters. For this purpose, you will need any editing app. To make your picture look professional and attractive, you need advance effects and filters that you can get on photo editing apps instead of Instagram. You can effortlessly download these apps through the google store.

Provide advance features and effects:

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the most popular social media platform that a large number of people are using for editing photos. The best part is it is very user-friendly. It also targets beginners that no much about editing. It lacks features that professionals require to enhance the beauty of their photos. There are so many effects that photo editing apps offer, but Instagram does not. These effect includes assigning colors to black and white pictures, blending images, and many other advances features. Apps may not be as much user-friendly as Instagram is but they are better editing tools than Instagram. After using the app one or two times, you can generate good results.

Is very budget efficient:

Influencer and photographer need to do editing of there content on a daily basis. When you need something budget is a very major problem. Many businesses, people, and influencers cannot buy costly PC software at the start. These people normally go for Instagram filters but because they need professional results, they require variety and control over the editing. Which they can not get through Instagram. Android photo editing apps are the only applications that will provide you with professional editing tools free of cost. If you need more features and tools and apps, you can easily buy them at low rates as compared to PC software.

Provide better beautifying effects:

When you use something, you want it results to be perfect. The Instagram filter also consists of a beautifying effect similar to Snapchat but it is not much effective. If you require editing tools for selfies and want your images to be perfect in every aspect then you must require an effective beautifying effect. In this sceneries android photo editing as can help you in the best possible way instead of Instagram filters. It is also the best choice for people that want to hide their makeup flaws in the camera. It is a bitter thirty that you can not get a blemish-free look using Instagram filters and have to use photo editing apps.

Final words:

In today’s world, where perfection is very significant in everything, people are also finding ways to make their photos perfect. The need different editing tools to make their pictures look professional and flawless. Instagram and photo editing apps can both help in achieving the goal but photo editing apps are a better option because of the variety of filters, advance effects, budget efficiently, and much more. Android photo editing apps are available in large number on the Google stores. These apps can help you achieve your goal easily. So don’t waste your time anymore, download the app and give your picture the professional touch.

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