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A Beginners Guide for Guest Blogging in SEO

A Beginners Guide for Guest Blogging in SEO

Guest blogging is a technique to increase traffic to your website. Guest bloggers write content for others that is similar in their specific industry. They contribute a post to other’s blogs. For this, they would receive links to their blogs and a chance to promote their names and blogs in the respective domains. As you understand links are the main ranking factor in the search engines and SEO guest blogging provides a chance to save a link from another website along with other marketing considerations. You would develop a connection with guest bloggers hosting your post and establish an expert among an audience. Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon helps businesses with the best guest blogging services to focus on delivering unmatched quality. But what is guest blogging in SEO? This idea is simple where you get a blogger to write blog articles as per your requirement. You provide them a backlink in exchange to their blog, mostly in the bottom part of the article that is referred to as the Author Box. Bloggers would be interested to publish superior content on their respective blogs to interest new readers and share with their audience. With this guest blogging, the bloggers and the blog owners would be benefited thereby making it a win-win situation. Blog owners would need to rank high in search engines and bloggers would be interested to attract more readers to their blog.

Guest blogging is indeed good for link building and SEO. It remains a commanding online marketing approach. This appears to be one of the best methods to build powerful links. 

In this article, let us discuss some information on the ways to guest blog the right way and to reduce risks.

Guest blogging is good for bloggers if the blogger is sharp and eager to devote time arranging and editing posts from external sources. In this case, guest blogging can be a good valuable content source for the audience. Always scrutinize guest blogs for quality and ensure that you connect only to superior websites that enhance value to the web. Also, you should check your external links regularly using a tool like Screaming Frog to ensure the websites you link to are always accessible and do not throughout an error or connect to a wrong content.

Let us discuss the ways to select target blogs for guest blogging in SEO.

As you are also aware that guest blogging is also a marketing tool that would review the audience of a blog. It helps to:

  • Develop relationships with main influencers
  • Create a specialist 
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Generate more leads 

There could be a chance that it’s readers could also convert into customers. A marketer would want to increase awareness of their company and products with the target audience. Marketers would also want to have relevant traffic to the website. Hence, smart marketers make use of guest blogging to enhance company growth. When guest blogging is seen as a marketing tool, it means that you need to review your audience of the blog and review the potential readers that could turn out to be a customer.

In case you are beginning an app that is particularly valuable for freelance writers. Where would you fit in the guest blogging? Find out the blogs that are delivered by freelance writers. For guest blogging from an SEO point of view, there are two main methods to find out websites for guest blogging purpose:

  1. Web Prospect – Search with social media, Google, resource lists, etc.
  2. Make use of websites that connect bloggers and publishers.

Below list the ways to find blogs for guest blogging.

  1. Search for the Top Blogs List – This is the first step in searching. Type in the text ‘Top Blog List’ in Google and review what Google provides. Go through each blog listed on every page in the search results. Most probably you would find good blogs this way but there might be only a few who would receive guest articles from suppliers.

2. Advanced Search using Search Strings – Google provides many search strings that help to discover precise material on the web that could be combined into search strings. This search command would display pages that have the correct phrases. This is a simple and complex process, there would be only a few modifiers that can be united in many ways. The lone limit would be your creativity. You can make use of any combinations to discover blogs that are involved to accept guest blogs. Few examples of search strings keywords are:

Guest author

Guest post


Contributors, etc

3. Follow Companies or Individuals who Dynamically Guest Blog – One way to discover guest blogging chances is to first find out individuals or companies who provide excellent guest posts to various industry-related websites. Many companies and individuals share their posts through various social media profiles. Also, ensure you use the search strings to find websites where a specific company or an individual has published any guest blog. You would find a relevant blog, but these three approaches would keep you busy for a long time.

The following ways suggest improving guest blogging in SEO.

  1. Backlinks – Your website’s link profile is the main impact that guest blogging would have on your website’s SEO. As and when you try to add-on to new websites, you should find ways to protect new links on the newer websites. Backlinks seem to be an important factor in SEO. Few factors that Google measures a link are:
    1. Domain and page where the link reside
    2. Placement of the link on the page
    3. Anchor text

2. Link Placement – Preferably your link could reside in the article body that is relevant to the adjacent context that supports the article. Guest blogs also have some facts about your company or your background. The author places a link that explains their background. This is perfect, but you should insist on the blogger to place a link in the body of the article especially if it adds worth to the post. Placing the link in the body of the article is important as it creates a more natural link for the website and reader. More important it should be related to your post. It is better for SEO and when the readers click on it.

3. SEO Anchor Text – Link’s anchor text are the words hyperlinked. Few examples of anchor text are:

a. With respect to your brand – brand name

b. With respect to keyword – the specific keyword that you would prefer to rank for

c. Partial keyword – a piece of specific keyword that you require to rank for

d. URL – full or partial URL of the page

e. White noise – here, this, link, click here, that, etc.

Anchor text, signals users and search engines about page information has a vast influence on rankings. 

Ensure that you have following for guest blogging in SEO.

  • Write a blog by keeping the audience in mind and what they want to read. Don’t just write anything.
  • Maintain consistency throughout the blog and that matches your brand and conveys strongly to the audience.
  • Publish only guest blogs that would raise your brand awareness. 
  • Be aware of your writings


Having discussed guest blogging, be aware that your guest post could help you to rank high in search engine thereby providing brand awareness and more clicks. Get ready to build your brand using convincing content. With this, you could build more audience and gain more links. You would also get more leads, traffic that adds to your business.

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