How is digital marketing beneficial for the growth of startups?

What is digital marketing?

It is basically the art of attracting more customers for your product or service by improving your digital presence.There are many strategies for digital marketing like-



3)Content marketing

4)Affiliate marketing

5)Video  marketing


You select the suitable digital marketing techniques for your startup.

Why should a startup focus on  digital marketing?

See there are many startups that  provide various tech  services or products in their respective domain.Let me give you one example

What will you do if you are looking for a job vacancy in digital marketing in Bangalore?

You will search on the internet for digital marketing jobs.Normally most of the people use search engines like google to search for a product or service like this.

If you are searching for jobs in Delhi and type the same in google, what will be the first search result that you will see It will the website of job vacancy result which is an upcoming HR tech startup that strives to bridge the gap between job recruiters and job seekers and here,8,50,000 jobs are also being posted on a daily basis.

So what did this startup did they targeted the keyword jobs in delhi and are ranking first on that keyword in the google’s organic search result.It is a normal human psychology that people will click on the first search result that will  appear in the google’s search result.Eventually people will start visiting their website and they will find more consumers for their HR tech service.


So what did you understand from this,  by targeting a wide variety of keywords and  by doing keyword research you can rank in top 5 results for the particular keywords that you are targeting.In this way startups can find more consumers for their product or service.You can also bid for keywords using google adwords and google adsense and by using such tools google pays for the ads that you will display and it will be dependant on the no of views,CTR,etc

Factors responsible for the growth of digital marketing:

Increase in the internet usage

No internet users have increased from  413 billion in 2000 to over 3.4 billion in 2016. An average of 6,40,000 went online for their daily needs. You can also check the stats here- the increase in no of internet users in the world.

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Change in the methods of B2C transactions

So what do you do when you shift to a new town or a city?You search the internet for the nearby restaurants or other essential services.And what if you have started your new restaurant and by improving its ranking in the google’s organic search result the customer can click on your website and visit your restaurant.Many people are looking for jobs  because of the increased layoffs in these hard times of pandemic caused by coronavirus.Many people will search for jobs in delhi,jobs in bangalore

Change in the methods of B2B transactions

If I am manufacturing   a car and I want to find spare parts manufacturers of a car.I can search it on google and get the required spare parts manufacturer by visiting their website and contacting them.So what is the use of digital marketing in this B2B transaction?If I have started my spare parts manufacturing business I can create my online presence by making my own website by using HTML and further improving its visibility by use of effective SEO techniques so that i will rank no 1 on Google’s search results for the keyword spare parts manufacturers in india.

Change in the trends of consumer buying behaviour

Now most consumers are purchasing goods and services through  e-commerce websites like flipkart and amazon and this rate has increased especially because of the pandemic situation caused by covid-19.

What will you do if you go to a new place and want to buy sports goods or visit a nearby restaurant?You will search on google with a keyword “nearby restaurants near me ”.The restaurant which has made its own website and has used the keyword “”nearby restaurants near me ” and has worked on the off-page seo techniques will be shown as number one result on google’s organic search result.

And it’s a common tendency that consumers will click on the first search result that has been shown on google.

Use of data analytics 

Google analytics is a free tool where you can track the acquisition,behaviour and conversion of the visitors on your website.You have to just copy and paste the tracking code inside the header of the website on which you want to monitor these parameters.This will help you in finding the target audience and use your marketing campaigns effectively in the right direction by the proper use of your resources.

By using a href you can do keyword research and target the keywords that have high traffic.You can also analyse your competitors and from where these competitors are taking backlinks.By using such tools and metrics you can rank on the no one position in google’s search engine results page .

So basically by using these tools , startups can get a wide variety of data which will help them to focus on using the right digital marketing strategy.

General Benefits of digital marketing i

So what is the first thing that comes up in your mind after starting up your business.Finding customers for the products that you are going to offer.In this digital era and in these competitive times it is difficult to find customers because of tough competition from the established brands in the market.So i will summarise my article in a glace

  • Improve your reach by finding customers across the globe.
  • The most important thing in digital marketing is keywords whether you are running campaigns on the internet or you are focusing on organic search in google. Keywords are the first entry point of your customers in digital marketing.
  • You can even find a target audience for the services or products that your startup is going to offer. After reading this whole article you must have understood the benefits of digital marketing. That is why the future of digital marketing is very bright from the point of view of job seekers and businesses.

Author bio- Shantanu Godbole is working as a digital marketing intern at job vacancy result.JVR, a research based, cutting-edge HR Tech platform strives to establish a healthy ecosystem that bridges the gap between job seekers and job rrecruiters.JVR’s uniqueness is the filtration of white Collar and Blue Collar applicants as well as jobs.JVR has focused on adding value to the profiles of the Blue Collar applicants as well to assist them and gain the best opportunities out there.