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Benefits of Apps for Senior Citizens In 2020

Benefits of Apps for Senior Citizens In 2020

Technological advancement has led to the emergence of apps that have become a part of our daily lives. When we talk of apps, most of us associate it with the younger generation. However, the reality is that senior citizens have embraced digital technology. According to research, 42% of individuals aged 65 years and above have smartphones. With a smartphone or tablet, you can install apps. Apps add value to your life as a senior citizen in the following ways.  

1. Make your phone easy to operate

As a senior citizen, you might find it challenging to use a typical smartphone with small icons. Some apps are designed to change the screen of your smartphone to large icons with different colors. Texts become more readable, which is extremely helpful, especially if you have problems with your sight. The senior phone is an example of an app that allows you these benefits. 

These apps also have an ‘SOS’ button, which enables you to send a panic message if you need help, for example,  locating where you are. 

2. Help you to stay in touch

You may not live with all your family members under one roof. Therefore, you may need a way to communicate with your loved ones wherever they are. Apps can help you do that. For example, some enable you to video chat (an example is Skype), which is impressive because you can see your loved one’s face and expressions as you talk to each other. 

3. Provide you with news updates

If you enjoy reading up on the latest news, then you will benefit from apps. Some apps, like daily hunt, provide you with news updates. The updates are available in several languages, and so you can always get one you are comfortable with no matter what part of the world you are in. 

4. Help you to take care of your health

It is essential to take care of your health, especially if you are dealing with some health issues. Some apps help to remind you to take your medication at the right time. They also tell you of the dosage and any special instructions you should adhere to. 

Adult daycare providers have also embraced care management software to give senior citizens the best care possible. 

There is a variety of adult day care software in the market that help in managing the medication schedule of senior citizens on an everyday basis. Some of these adult daycare software examples are Storricare, Daycenta, Ezcare, among others.

5. Help to keep your brain active

If you like to have fun while keeping your mind busy, you should try apps like Ludo and Crosswords Classic. These apps have puzzles and board games that you can enjoy. They have hundreds of games which you can play, and they keep adding to the list. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being bored. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is download the apps you need, and you will enjoy numerous benefits such as the ones mentioned in this article. You no longer have to use your phone for only calls and texts. Embrace technology and enjoy so much more. 

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