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Benefits of Advertising on Digital Media Platforms like OTT

Benefits of Advertising on Digital Media Platforms like OTT

Being online more often is a huge trend nowadays. Most of the internet users log into the Over-the-top (OTT) services. The reason is straightforward according to the Video Advertising Bureau’s Q1 2018 Report, “45% of online video revenue comes from advertising, and it is projected to grow up to 60% in the next ten years. This compelling stat provides ample spotlight on the importance of brand and product advertising on digital media platforms like OTT. 

One of the popular growing trends of the digital video advertising industry is the implementation of advertising across all the OTT players and OTT devices. This shift is done in ad spend budgets from traditional mediums of broadcasting like television and radio to the internet. 

A Peek into today’s advertising landscape

OTT is growing continuously in terms of advertising of digital video. One example of the rapid moving of OTT is that if someone is on a vacation of seven days, it would have changed the scenario in their absence. Federal Communications Commission governs traditional television advertising; OTT focuses on the guidelines and the self-regulation built by the interactive advertising bureau (IAB). Additionally, strategic improvements and vital learning are imposed on the campaign experience of real-world OTT.

Consumers still have to develop loyalty towards one service provider of OTT, but instead, they go to the content they like to consume. It is possible for advertisements to appear programmatically. It depends mostly on the location, offline and online behaviors, personal details, and other psychographics. Also, to ensure that the ads consumer sees are highly relevant to them.

Understanding the Trends and Innovations in OTT

The landscape of the ad is changing with OTT because of the advancements in technology. It allows targeting the audience according to their viewing pattern, and we have control of placing the ads programmatically across OTT devices and services.

Here is the reason why this ad service and strategy is gaining popularity

1.Sequential messaging

OTT, when combined with complicated video event player retargeting, allows us to track the users around their advertisement-supported OTT streaming sources, the reel on user’s stories, shares ongoing messaging, and helpful how-to dos to complete the online transaction.

2. Tracking attribution

It isn’t straightforward to know how the ad works. It is possible to see the number of households that viewed the programmed OTT advertisement and also if they took any necessary steps to view the website of the advertiser, online platforms, and other social media. We know how to optimize and report towards the illustration where a user exposed to the OTT advertisement has visited the actual location of the client.

3. Capabilities of hyper-local advertising

It is easy to target the audience by their exact address of the location. If you want to attract a local crowd to your store, you can stream a promising video advertisement just before the hour of lunch to people within your reach.

4. Interactive ad capabilities

User experience matters a lot. Ads must be relevant, fun, engaging, and immersive. For this responsive ad, technology is used to engage with the audience. It is beneficial when people cast their vote using a poll or re-tweet your brand’s note with a convenient tap on-screen during the ad streaming.

5. Able to build a lookalike audience

In order to increase customers, several data points are used to create a spitting image audience for people who have previously engaged with the brand. Customers are also built based on the interests and the usage of the internet.

It is very beneficial to be at the peak of this influential targeted advertisement placement preference. Numerous data of the OTT campaign allows the exact insight and vision into where OTT is going in terms of trends.

Advantages of OTT Advertising

The growth of OTT advertising is done because of its growing capabilities of placing ads according to the audience. Below are some of the benefits that OTT advertising presents

1. Targeting customers with precision

The demographics of the future are lifestyle and passion. OTT advertising targets buyers as per their objectives, lifestyle, and passions that fuel subscriptions. There is no need to guess the demographics based on ratings, nor is it necessary to bother about traditional KPIs like age or gender. Marketers can now target even on something as abstract as preferences or passions.

2. Real-time viewership monitoring

OTT advertising comprises the powerful impact of big TV screen commercials along with the advantage of hard facts and real-time data viewership of online advertising.

3. Less expenditure on TV Ad-Buys

You need not worry about the ad placement; only pay for actual ad viewing. Only trust the facts and examine the exact number of ad-viewers in real-time.

4. Increased ROI

You have full control to start, stop, resume, or change the campaigns at any time. From your advertiser’s account, you can manage your commercials and campaign settings in real-time. Dependency is reduced on the manual labor of stations and networks.

Bottom line

Following the trends of the increasing OTT ads in the future, it will provide a wide array of possibilities. It will surely capture a significant market share soon.

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