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PDF Bates Numbering in Legal Documents – Best PDF Bates Numberer

PDF Bates Numbering in Legal Documents – Best PDF Bates Numberer

In this blog, we will know the exact solution for bates numbering in legal documents. Stick with the article to its end to learn the procedure in depth.

PDF Bates Numbering is a process by which the document files are organized and handled at the same storage location. It in-short is a mechanism through which you are able to find the required information simply from a database of documents. You will find your data easily if it is maintained in an organized manner, otherwise its a mess. So without delaying we move on to the solution and know the process for bates numbering in legal documents.

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Method on Page Numbering Legal PDF Files

PDF Bates Numberer is an application suitable to add page numbers to PDF files in an efficient manner. You can have many variations in placing a bates number to a PDF file. The PDF Page Numbering Tool is also efficient enough to add bates to encrypted PDF documents. So it will be a really simple task for you to perform bates numbering in legal documents as these are saved in PDF format.

For a more better experience, the user is allowed to directly print the PDF file with Bates number added without saving them. With the PDF files having edit restrictions able to directly add page numbers to PDF without the password known is an extraordinary functionality.

Now we shall get to the procedure and see how the PDF Page Numbering Tool does this process without much human effort.

Steps for Bates Numbering in Legal Documents

  • Download and Run Systools PDF Bates Numberer
  • Click on “Bates (or Generate Bates)” option
  • Choose for “type of Bates numbering” to perform
  • “Add PDF” files and check for “Remove the encryption from PDF”
  • Enter “Bates details” and proceed
  • “Position” the page number and “Browse” saving location
  • Click on “Generate” for bates numbering in legal documents

This will start the page number addition to your selected PDF files. After the process is completed, move to the destination to see the bates added.
Now let us some features that the PDF Bates Numberer offers to add page numbers to PDF

Features of PDF Page Numbering Tool

The major attracted functionalities of the application are described below. Have look into it to know their exact functionality

Generate Bates for Single PDF files:

With this functionality, you can add bates of your choice to each PDF file individually. As like all the PDF files will have page number starting with 1, 2, or so on as per your choice. Also, you can change the name of the PDF file so created after adding page numbers to it.

Generate Bates for PDF File Series:

In this function, you can continue the series of bates numbering in legal documents from where the previous PDF stopped. If Document 1 has stopped at page number 55, Document 2 will start from 56. In this, the application offers to define the number of PDF being numbered so that at retrieval the information is easily accessible.

Print PDF File:

If this option is taken by the user, then you don’t need to save the PDF file anywhere. You will just add the bates to the PDF file and it will be directly printed into the hard copy. This function is almost similar with the Generate Bates for Single PDF having the Printing ability different.

Remove Encryption from PDF Document:

Many files having edit restrictions fail to add page numbers to PDF as the user gets unaware about the password encrypted within it. So for those PDF files, you can perform bates numbering just by clicking the checkbox of “Removing restriction from PDF files”.

Wrapping It All Together!!

In this article, we have come up with an all-time alternate solution for bates numbering in legal documents. Here we have discussed how the legal files with encryptions set can be efficiently page numbered with a PDF Page Numbering tool. Also, we have defined the steps to cover all your PDF documents with page numbers added without any effort and in less time.

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