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5 B2B Sales Strategy Mistakes that Can Affect Your Bottom line

5 B2B Sales Strategy Mistakes that Can Affect Your Bottom line

There are a number of common mistakes which nearly every B2B startup faces while selling or defining a strong sales strategy. The other scenarios include trying to win a deal, salespeople tend to overestimate, misunderstanding the complete sales process, and miss the mark otherwise.

To make your road to a perfect b2b sale a bit easier for you, avoid the five B2B sales strategy mistakes most sales professionals make.

Not Sure Who to Target

Many startups lack a go-to-market strategy. They don’t know who to target. As a result, they fail to get a clear idea of their message before they start selling. They may have a ground-level idea about their customer. However, for a startup, the more the understanding of the target audience, the higher the chances of closing the deals. A well defined customer profile is indeed needed to target the right audience.

Defining the ideal customer profiles (ICP) can give your startup the most chance of selling to even the big accounts. 

Pushing Your Product Too Much

Sales reps often get too caught up in describing how amazing their business is, and how the product does this or that, during meetings with potential customers. They often tell their prospects about the features of the products. And this is where they fail to understand the pain point of the buyers.

Instead, seek to find a genuine connection with a potential customer. Speak about the problems and obstacles that they face, and then explore the advantages that your company will offer and help them bridge the gap.

Overloading Your Salespeople With Data Gathering

Salespeople are expensive, that’s because they are your revenue generator. So would you rather pay them to sift through databases, directories, and email verification tools (which people with far less experience can do) to close deals? Are you not wasting their productive time in these administrative tasks?

Buying reliable B2B data or using the sales intelligence platform is the best way to make the most of your sales team’s productive time.

Believing Price Will Solve Your Clients’ Problem

No one will shelve the deal due to pricing if they really liked your offerings. However, they may ask you to negotiate (which every potential client will expect from you). That doesn’t mean they will reject the proposal. Sell them the value and benefits that your product or service will bring to your prospect’s business. 


Overpromising and under delivering is equal to pure company deception.

Lying is a bad way to start any relationship, no matter how much you wish to sell. Exaggerating your product or service capabilities, or worse – hide weaknesses or special conditions will not take you far. Instead of over-promising, let the prospects convince themselves, You can do that by asking the right questions which will drive the prospect gently in the right direction. Ultimately they will convince themselves that they need your product.


The list doesn’t stop there as the new sales playbook is evolving every day. If you want to grow your startup, you need to get better with your sales strategy. 

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