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Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid SEO Risks

Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid SEO Risks

If you look around, you will realize there’s still a rising interest in SEO and its benefits. Most of the small businesses are searching for this. But some are still wondering if there’s a need to hire SEO experts or not? Maybe with a quick checklist of SEO Don’ts, we can kick start this conversation to determine if you should go for experts or do it yourself. Journey along.

The SEO Don’ts

1.Ignore SEO

Avoiding SEO from the word go is at your peril. The minute you decide to start a website, you should have no excuses for implementing SEO. Sign up for affordable SEO services to save some coins, or if you are knowledgeable, don’t be lazy, go ahead and do it.

2. Reply to spams

Yes, we said not to ignore the SEO experts, but that doesn’t mean you keep replying to every spam message that comes to your side. For example, you will encounter fake promises of how your site can suddenly top rank using the crucial keywords. If you are dealing with professionals, they don’t send you spams.

3. Use general keywords.

When you set to soar like an eagle, you have to put your pace right. Using broad keywords will not take you anywhere beyond stagnation. Instead, go for optimization and use specific keywords that you have already researched and found their relevance and popularity. That’s the way to go.

4. Fill-up words on your content 

In our current era, this is something that should never happen. In other words, it is also called “stuffing keywords.” It is sad to say that some people are still hiding some text on their page footer using a light color. For Christ’s sake, that is word stuffing! Don’t do that, please.

5. Disregard usability

There are two things you should pay attention to when you’re on your site. The most important is your user, and then the search engines. When you do something like website structuring, descriptive link texts, and local navigation, have these two in mind, and you will be on the right path.

6. Fret too much on rankings

Regardless of the essence of ranking high, don’t obsess on it. Instead of constantly checking on the fluttering of your website, focus more on improving. Whether you like it or not, search engines will still do their job. Why don’t you head on with yours to stay ahead?

Now, let’s get to;

SEO Dos:

Now the dos are no brainer. It is almost evident that you know what you need after checking out the don’ts.

1.Hire SEO experts

Whether you are running a big or small company, have a budget for affordable SEO services, and make it one of your business investments. They will be running your website day and night to make sure you are at par, especially to matters relating to SEO. Seriously why stress on things that you don’t fully understand, like terminologies used in this field? The tricks and secrets of getting on top?

2. Improve usability

When you realize how powerful the user experience is, you will improve on how you do things in your site for the sake of your visitors. Your mission should be to entice them to stay a little longer on your website. So, how do you do this? Well, add sense to your content, and engage users with fun quizzes without trailing off your niche, using video clips is likely to keep them there longer. Then review your analytics to find out how long the visitors are sticking around in your site. You will then know what’s working and not as you improve to avoid the bounce rate.

3. Strategize your keyword

We already asked you to avoid the keyword stuffing. Now use the well-researched keyword strategically in your blog. What you should aim at, is a density of between 0.5 to 2.5 percent keyword within your blog content. Try to make it appear natural.

4. Be smart when using links.

By now, we understand the importance of link strategy. It is an SEO that you should not neglect. First, it enables the search engines to understand the architecture of your site. Focus on relevant and authoritative websites, trusted, and have a high domain rating.

Choose a descriptive text that tells the reader what the linked page entails. Keep it short and sweet. In other words, it is what is known as anchor text. It is one of Google’s recommendations.

5. Optimize your blog element for better ranking

The best way to enable crawlers to access your site is by helping them interpret your blog elements. Using codes like ‘alt’ helps to specify the features giving them better understanding so they can start indexing your site. That’s why there’s a need to optimize your images by resizing them and creating descriptive file names. Put a few details after uploading the picture, but avoid spamming by overdoing it.

6. Give good content

Impress your readers by giving them something they can digest. Provide pages with excellent results that they are seeking. Answer any queries they have with full information and satisfaction. After designing this kind of website around your user’s need, then you will not only hook them to your site, but you will likely drive your content to the first page of the search engine. 

In conclusion, sometimes it’s hard to tell where the area of improvement is in dire need with the SEO. But when you hire the SEO experts, you put this problem at ease, and then you can focus on other things that you are skilled in to improve your business. Remember, it can be a grave mistake for a company to disregard SEO.

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