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Digital Marketing Predicaments to Avoid In 2019

Digital Marketing Predicaments to Avoid In 2019

The landscape of digital marketing changes each year in a dramatic, drastic and significant manner. Fresh trends must be taken in & new opportunities must be capitalized upon to shake off effects of the past. Its halfway in 2019 and it’s obvious that 2019 shouldn’t be like 2018.

Experienced marketers should always take time out to assess their performance, review strategies & check if there is room to improve.

Digital marketing predicaments to side-step

There are loads of digital marketing predicaments hovering around and they need to be overcome in the remaining six months of 2019. Here are some of them which need to be taken care of:

1. Throw away dull copy

Today’s age allows maximum sharing capabilities. Engagement capabilities are centered on creative multimedia conceptions & instant satisfaction of social media. Such causes digital marketing efforts to go off track. The video clips, catchy imagery and trending hashtags are a good thing to use, but they can go off the line too.

Whether the latest Samsung phone or the latest Ford Shelby is being promoted, dull copy needs to stop as a vibrant copy will help ads and creatives thrive. Dull sentences & monotonous phrases will only tell users to move elsewhere. Writing that is lively and snappy will keep them around it.

It is true that the internet is seeing a lot of factions of users rising today, and when writing, copywriters need to consider what to write and when to for their target audience. They should write and proofread the copy from theirs and from the audience’s perspective.

2. Avert video content annoyance

Video content is the next big thing indeed and marketers in 2019 are focusing on it like anything. It has high rate of sharing and engagement rates are achievable in ideal and non-ideal situations. The perfect promotional clip helps businesses cash in on the right engagement rates.

However, it is also easy to crash and burn in the video strategy.

Irrelevant and unfitting content in a video will make it fail to find its mark. Unfitting video length can be even worse and unprofessional production standards ae something no one expects.

One way to fix such kind of issues is to seek out successful examples of a given genre & take similar approach to get the best results. Videos should also have a call to action if they are being posted on social media. Showcase all promotions successfully so viewers can be convinced to click on the CTAs upon the video’s completion.

CTAs in videos are important when it comes to earning clicks and driving users to your brand’s page. Videos should not be used to distract users.

3. Stay away from flawed use of influencers

In 2018, marketers spent a whopping 62% on influencers. However, what they did not check was the quality of the influencer. Consequently, there are calls to drop off influencers but with a catch: Drop influencers not in line with thought leaders.

Choose the right influencers when it comes to promoting a brand or a product. Lots of followers with no engagement is pure fabrication using bot profiles. A popular influencer will always have active fans, and that influencer will go good with suitable brands.

4. Choose publishing platforms wisely

Publishing content can become tempting when marketers push content publishing to places having the most prospective target audience. Marketers can alternatively ramp up their output & rank their offerings on almost every possible channel.

It would be much sensible to place content strategically where the focus and attention will be sharing content on the right publishing platform. Each industry has a different base of readers and users i.e. you cannot publish soccer news on an ice hockey platform.

5. Always look for long term impact

Marketers should never look for short term prospects. It would be best to make all digital marketing efforts eternal and lively. Chasing a few clicks and shares for today is not as good as creating a long-term relevance and experience.

It always to plan a thorough schedule and tweaking campaigns time to time so they can gain the right momentum over the passage of time, providing people an experience which is pleasing and worthwhile.

Over to You

These are the predicaments digital marketing professionals must avoid in the remaining months of 2019. Six months have gone since the year’s start and it would be wise for digital marketers to ramp up efforts for the long run. If you want your project to be impactful for the long run, then do not hesitate in approaching Branex, one of New York’s leading digital marketing company.

Author Bio:

I’m Muhammad Osama qualified SEO professional with a ground-breaking experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, and monitoring the ranking in Google search pages. A clear communicator with an experience of digital marketing and improving the ranks of a brand within few months.

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