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Automation as a Career – The Future of Testing

Automation as a Career – The Future of Testing

Gone were the days where most of the IT works are done manually. Welcome to the era where everything is automated to save time and also to provide accuracy. Over time, the dependency on automation testing has increased in the software industry. Now, automation testing started producing more revenue and productivity. Due to this many companies have started realizing the features of automation testing, and now has started implementing it. Automation testing provides more accuracy and performs repetitive tasks many times with the same accuracy and productivity of results.

Web Application Automation

Web automation is one of the most and commonly used in the software industry. To test this application post-development, Selenium holds the key position among the automation testing tools. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to master the automation testing, as automation has got a wide range of scope. Web application automation is one of the significant testings that happens a lot of times during the software development process. Automation has got a lot of scope in the future as the demand keeps increasing.

Mobile Automation

Just like web application development, mobile app development has got an equal amount of significance in recent years. Whatever goes for web application applies to Mobile development as well, even to automate mobile applications there are tools available in the market such as Appium. But Selenium acts as the base for all the automation testing tools as it has got a robust architecture that acts as a core feature for all the automation testing tools. Regardless of the mobile operating system Appium helps to write the best automation script for all the mobile applications. 

Career Growth

Automation testing has got a wide range of growth in the software industry and the best thing is that the growth wouldn’t take much time, within a short amount of time Automation Testing professionals reach a higher position in the corporate sector. One of the best things about Automation Testing is that it has a wide range of interconnection with other jobs roles as well. Learning Selenium training in Chennai to bag your dream automation job. Automation testing is more of a development where the tester needs to integrate the test scripts with other software applications and application protocol interfaces to achieve the desired result with accuracy and compatibility. 

Benefits of Selenium Tool

Selenium being the predominant automation testing tool in the market. It has emerged into the biggest contributor for automation testing in the market. Today Selenium is in the number one position among many companies as it provides the best integration for testing an application, one such notable thing is that integrating Microsoft Excel. It is to provide test data as input for the test execution. Continues Integration Continues Development is one of the other wow factors about Selenium tool. It is because it provides the best support to integrate Jenkins and other build tools like Maven. 

Since the dawn of agile methodology, automation testing has come into the limelight as it provides the best approach to test application as changing the flow of the application’s test scripts are much easier, wherein case of manual testing the same task needs to be done repeatedly, which can be evicted in case of automation and the concept of ’write once and run whenever’ has made the automation testing more popular among the companies and it provides the best customer satisfaction while demonstrating to the clients as it seems compact and tidy when even the reporting has been done without any human interaction.

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