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Why Would You Want To Automate a Test?

Why Would You Want To Automate a Test?

Automation testing is the talk of the town these days, many of the software companies in the industry are have been performing manual testing all these days. Automation testing has provided a lot of benefits for the testers, one of the benefit is that they can reuse the test case scripts for regression testing, where automation testing comes in handy for testers to execute the test cases over many times. Whenever the developer releases a new software build the tester needs to perform the same task by testing the modules of the software application.

Saves a Lot of Time

Automating test cases saves a lot of time in contrast to manual testing when it comes to automation testing Selenium being the top among all automation testing tools. This is because of the facilities provided by the tool and the way that Selenium architecture is developed. In the case of test, automation Selenium works fast not in terms of minutes nor terms of seconds but milliseconds. This is the reason many people are going for test automation than manual testing, apart from mere speed Selenium provides many other facilities for the testers. Join Selenium Training in Chennai to test the application faster.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Automation testing comes with other feature called Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). This helps to run the test cases without human interaction, that whenever the tester receives an email with a particular subject then the automation tester can perform all the test cases without being taking the execution in control. This can be achieved by integrating Selenium with a tool called Jenkins, where the Jenkins tool will take care of the test case execution just by reading your email based on the subject. Usually, this is done by the testers who are working in offshore and the developer is in on-site. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to get a glimpse of DevOps.

Reports Generation

In case of manual testing, the tester needs to generate the report by taking a screenshot and also by providing the test data that is used to test the application to the developer as well as the manager, which seems monotonous in an employee’s perspective. This is the other best thing about automation as the automation tester has already written all the test cases where the screenshot and reporting included as well. In automation, the reports will be generated as an HTML file and can be sent to others through email.

Well, there are a lot of other pros that can be listed out here but the bottom line is that automation testing provides a lot of flexibility for the testers as well as the developers. Although it is widely known that automation can’t promise 100 % testing, so does manually. But in the modern-day automation testing is being the most preferred by many companies. Automating a test case will also give you the perspective to think like a developer as well as the end-user.

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