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Austin Hughes distributor in Dubai | Austin Hughes distributor in UAE | Malco

Austin Hughes distributor in Dubai | Austin Hughes distributor in UAE | Malco

PDUs that are a cut above

Hydroelectric, petroleum, atomic, or bio, power, regardless of its source is what your business runs on; any power is a precious, expensive resource and you need to keep it perpetually monitored, more so in the data centre management business. Austin Hughes distributor in Dubai has the widest range of PDUs that are aesthetic, functional and keep your data centre operations running as smooth as any Austin Hughes distributor in UAE, given the advanced technology support, you are well set and equipped to offer your clients the best of services. 

One of the marvels of PDU technology is its monitoring capability among a host of other features that we will look at. In a large scale data centre managers need to actually need to have a power monitoring strategy that is based on the technological capabilities of the equipment. Too high a consumption of power will translate to higher bills for power, and if the power distribution is not uniform it could lead to non-optimal technical issues with expensive equipment. Common sense tells us even spikes in voltage endanger fragile sensitive networking equipment, and even in the worst case scenario can cause a meltdown. The guts of the entire power system of any data centre need the support of reliable power distribution systems. Uptime as opposed to downtime is enhanced along with the installation highly efficient transformers of intelligent power distribution units. Even an accidental plug disconnected endangers sensitive equipment with the possibility of down time. Our technologically superior power distribution equipment ensures that you don’t ever need to experience such downtime. Right from the socket to the equipment, our rack PDUs have the capability to monitor and detect flaws with their advanced monitoring technology. This also enables the quick detection of rouge hardware that can be rectified without waste of energy. This also means efficient monitoring of the cooling systems and even individual rack enclosures. Today’s technology also has all PDUs colour coded so as to ease connection or disconnection efforts. Users can now turn the power on or off right down to individual power sockets. This sophisticated power management technology gives you absolute control over the entire power network, which is a huge convenience when you need to disconnect non-essential equipment during shut down of main power lines to conserve on UPS, or backup power. These sophisticated PDUs also support mass configuration and updating, which means that you will keep to minimum time consumption for power administration. In order to give access to the control and monitoring capabilities the advanced rack PDUs are essential. To prevent interference low-profile circuit breakers are essential to a side mounting. Our range of PDUs include the single or three phase intelligent PDU, the monitored PDU, regular metered and outlet switched, outlet switched with outlet metering, vertical bracket mount kit, three phase PDU, dual security, environmental monitoring, and also sensor peripherals. 

The advancing technologies in networking facilities pushes for  the greater performance to deliver more advanced, stable, fully scalable, energy efficient and longer uptimes of PDUs. Keeping your data centre cool and fully functional incurs approximately forty percent of your operating costs on energy; this can be metered and controlled with the incorporation of the PDUs we manufacture. Majority of the power load of IT equipment is taken by a single phase, due to which there can be major drop in voltage, overheating, and harmonic distortion. In some situations given the accessibility several apparatus are plugged in to a particular power point, which can lead to a trip in the entire system, simply because of overload, this is easily avoided with the top of the range PDUs that we manufacture.

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