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Augmented Reality & Its Need in Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality & Its Need in Mobile App Development

AR is a powerful and attractive tool that follows the modern trend to be used in software applications. It involves the integration of audio and visual graphics that enhance interactivity, giving users a uniquely immersive and interactive experience, transforming virtual imagery into reality. AR reinvents the way how users perceive information, requiring the use of body sensory such as peripheral vision.

Nowadays augmented reality has spread across sectors ranging from education to healthcare and other purposes as well. AR continues to play a vital role in the industry that has certain advantages in mobile applications. Following are the ways by which AI transforming mobile users and businesses experience.

Customer Engagement

Mobile apps having augmented reality capabilities already have a leap forward with the aggressive competition provided by other applications. Mobile devices are widely available, that gives an upper hand to reach out to millions of users worldwide. An example of an AR application is Snap chat, which has become a pioneer since its application development services gives users the ability to apply enticing and eye-catching filters to send and received by users all across the globe. Another great example is of AR being used in gaming applications, devices consisting of facial recognition technology, AR technology able to create character emoji suited to face structure, displaying an attractive visualization.

Indoor Navigation

With the presence of huge infrastructures such as airports, malls, factories, can prove to be a hassle for people to find places of what they are looking for. For instance, people mostly rely on mapping services such as Google maps to navigate to outdoor destinations that now provide enhance features such as traffic congestions, to aware users to take routes consisting of lesser traffic. AR now powers indoor convenient navigation allowing users to find their ways across large structures that save a great deal of time. Features such as displaying restricted areas, routes to terminals and shops plus other structural areas, all coming under indoor navigation.

AR in Fitness Apps

The introduction of augmented technology has provided breakthroughs in applications, that weren’t possible a few years back. Fitness is what most of the people’s dream goals to achieve, which search the web to find out information about the best diet to undertake to fulfill their fitness goals. AR technology has helped provide users with the ability to scan your face and give real-time data on how body structure will change after weight loss. The AR-based app such as Apple’s ARKit provides the same functionality, of powering facial recognition technology, opening up to new possibilities of apps. This serves as a motivation to people who are aiming to get fit, also helping businesses to gather data to provide custom services to their clients.

The Great Advantage for The Retail Industry

Developing a mobile application having integrated augmented reality technology can be extremely beneficial for the retail industry. Users buying decisions can be greatly influenced by the use of these applications that have the ability to picture themselves in front of the phone, with the help of a smartphone camera, trying the dress virtually. This helps businesses to gather loads of data that include customer preferences of clothes selection, getting to know different body types, helping businesses to promote brand recognition and offering custom designs. Companies providing application development services, build innovative apps integrating AR, leaping ahead of the competition.

Face Recognition

No one can overlook the importance of virtual reality when it comes to adding face recognition feature. The use of AR above clearly depicts the massive possibilities of utilizing AR technology in applications that can be beneficial across all sectors. Organizations focus on providing application development services, to exceed customer expectations and bring unique and innovative products by combing AR and VR technologies respectively to reach greater heights of innovation.

Hopefully, the information shared in the above section is appropriate for people who want to outperform their competition with a high functional mobile application.

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