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10 attributes for a better coworking space

10 attributes for a better coworking space

Coworking spaces are booming and there is no doubt regarding that. And, with the increasing competition, you have to put your best out there, to satisfy your clients.

A lot of people are choosing coworking spaces over work from home due to the advantages it provides. Also, the digital nomads, corporates are planning on getting their roots fixed at coworking spaces due to the changing scenarios as of present.

Also, for anyone, who needs to make a decision about selecting a coworking space for them, it is crucial, as the coworking pace that you select can have a huge impact on your productivity and reflect in the work that you do.

With the coworking spaces booming every nook and corner, it is important that you stay on your grounds to be unique and to attract clients for your needs. 

The best co working space in Pune tries to make their spaces with an effective feedback routine with their clients, which is one important way to know what you lack and what you can work on. 

So, here are the best 10 attributes that make your coworking space better.


This is the most important factor that a customer considers when he selects coworking space.

SMEs, corporates all turn towards coworking spaces today so as to lead a cost-effective functioning of their business.  On-the-go payment with the most flexible cost tariff will attract customers and they would also feel it much more comfortable.


Choose a location that is easily accessible from different transportation centres. People do not want to spend a lot of time commuting. 

Also, when you choose a location, make sure it focuses on the right audience, as few people would want a place close to the city while others do not.  

Parking space

A coworking space would have different types of people visiting the space and most of the people would have their own vehicles, which would need safe and sound parking facilities.

At a coworking space, there will be regular workers, visitors, clients of the workers, meeting room users etc who come and go and it is essential that you have separate guests and users parking areas for 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers separated.

Amenities and resources

The first thing that you can attract your customers with are the amenities and services that you provide at your coworking space. This can include the extra rooms, facilities, technical assistance etc.

Technical amenities include a strong Internet connection, hardware devices, telephonic systems that do not fail etc.

Also, data security is one important factor that the clients would need to know. Trusting a whole company’s infrastructure upon your coworking space is huge, it not impossible. You just have to make sure that you attain all levels of security and privacy that the client demands. 


It is important that you provide enough spacing and seating arrangements to help the workers relax a bit when they need to lighten their work pressure.

Silent corners, yoga rooms, table tennis, meditation room etc are a few examples that you can make use of to imbibe the relaxation factors for your clients.

At the same time, any customer might be confused about being distracted by the amenities that you provide them with. Make sure you address those worries too by providing the smallest of initiatives which can be quirky hacks to help them concentrate on the work, not being carried away.

InRoom services

Room services

After all, the workers are going to use the coworking space inside the building and it is of prime importance that you make the settings the best for them while they work.

Try to put your A-game in designing and decorating your coworking space in the most attractive and professional way.  

The hot desks and cabin must have enough storage areas and room to move around and to be comfortable. 

The air quality inside the coworking space must be made sure using the HVAC system and its updated maintenance.

Indoor plants and fragrance essentials can be used to bring in a positive and pleasant atmosphere for the worker to work in full productivity.

The rooms must be well lit with lights and also, by natural light which can be shut using window shades whenever necessary.

Coworking space management

The last thing that anyone in your coworking space would want will be the chaos related to space and infrastructure.

In case of any emergency and need, the management should be lenient and careful in solving the issues pertaining to the clients, the amenities, the resources etc without disturbing the work of the other clients.

Well-updated management would keep up with the logs and maintenance works providing the best service to your clients.

Coffee and pantry

A break is what makes people re-energized after a long period of intense working. Meetings, calls, and continuous working can drain the energy in anyone, and all it takes is a break. A tea/coffee break.

Serve the best drinks and snacks that will help them be recharged to continue working. Try to make use of healthy tips when you serve the food and drinks in your cafeteria. 

Meeting rooms

 Allow the usage of meeting rooms to people who are not permanent users of the coworking space and see how customers are gonna like you.

Provide all the necessary amenities in a meeting room with intercom telephone, projectors, systems, mics etc.

Community building

Community building is one important factor that companies rely on for coworking spaces. Coworking spaces have the ability to bring people of different routes under the same roof and help them network.


This will help your clients in finding new solutions, new opportunities and new leads. Community-building events and networking events are to be part of a healthy coworking culture. It motivates your clients with more productivity.

Still, with all the attributes that make you a better coworking space, people choose to opt the spaces that they find comfortable and easy to work at. It depends on person to person and their priorities. Focus on the audience that you think you can cover and provide the amenities with. 

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