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Tips To Attract Many High-Quality Leads In A Single Event

Tips To Attract Many High-Quality Leads In A Single Event

Everyone knows this:

Sales leads and closed deals are the lifeblood of every business. 

And for most companies, events are the ideal opportunity to get their services or products in front of hundreds to thousands of potential customers looking to make a purchase decision.

Hosting events can be a costly expense, thus it is important that you have the right strategies to attract not just any leads but the high-quality ones in a single event in order to get the best return on your investments.

1.Attract The Right Attendees

Before you start planning your event’s logistics, you need to identify first who should attend your corporate event. Like any other form of lead generation, your efforts are worth the investment if your event attracts an audience who will likely become customers.

So, start building your ideal attendee persona.

Whatdo they do for a living?

Where do they live?

Where do they hang out online?

A firm understanding of your target attendees can help effectively promote you’re your event. But, more importantly, this should help define the value proposition of your event.

Simply put, it answers why your target audience needs to attend your event. You need to audit your marketing materials to ensure that they are appealing to the specific buyer you want.

2.Carefully Choose Conferences

A quick search on Google or a few browse around here will tell you that there is no shortage of events at which to exhibit.

However, with such an expensive cost to exhibit, which is the right choice for you?

You can start by asking the conference organizers for the attendee breakdown.

Will your target buyer personas be at this event?

What is the size of the audience that you hope to reach?

You will want to be sure that the event is worth your resource cost.

3. Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

Just because an event or conference is big in size, does not mean that it is the best show for your organization to attend. It is easy to get lost in the sea of larger booths at a large event or trade show, which in turn, makes it even harder to meet new clients and generate leads.

Thus, your organization might have a more efficient and impactful experience at the smaller regional events where you can closely and intimately connect with more attendees as well as your target audience.

4. A Unique Booth In The Right Location

Turn your booth from boring to innovative and exciting by investing in an exhibit that stands out from the rest. You want your booth to turn heads and pique the interest of prospective customers. Ensure that your exhibit design pops and captivates the eyes and attention of people walking by.

In addition, research found that the right booth location is the key to maximize ROI. Location can make or break the success of your organization exhibiting at an event.

You need to make sure that your booth does not get stuck in an area where there is limited foot traffic or at one corner of the venue.

5. Engage Beyond Your Booth

So, you have had a great event and obtained some pretty good leads. Congratulations!

Now, what?

Most startups would add those emails to the general mailing list and wait for their prospects to take the next step. However, the influence of face-to-face marketing means that you have a stronger touchpoint to engage with your leads.

Create a plan for follow-ups which includes 3 additional email touchpoints with strong call to actions, i.e. “Book a meeting today”.

Also, you can communicate with your prospects through the conference app. Personal outreach to your leads is an excellent way to follow up, particularly after you have sent them an email with no response. And make sure to not wait too long since conference apps can go dark after an event.


While the upfront costs of hosting an event is not to be taken lightly, it can yield considerable ROI with the right marketing and lead generation strategies. Applying these tips should help you get better quality leads at evens and ensuring that those leads will keep moving through your sales funnel.

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