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6 Ways to Turn Your Arts and Crafts Skill into a Lucrative Business

6 Ways to Turn Your Arts and Crafts Skill into a Lucrative Business

Have you ever wondered how to make money or more money out of your exceptional skills in arts and crafts? You’ve definitely answered a big YES to that question, and this article is written specially to help you out. 

Many people craft out beautiful products that are simply breathtaking; some see this as a hobby, while others are continually cashing out real money out of the entire process. While it is true that we all need money, not everyone is armed with the requisite information on how to turn their skills into money-making ventures. 

The arts and crafts market keeps expanding, more people prefer and are demanding hand-made crafts. Before we delve into the strategies, it is germane that we identify a major factor that can hinder people from exploring skills-based business opportunities. It boils down to indecisiveness: the inability to take action that is mostly fueled by fear, the fear of failure. 

There is this general belief that if one fails at earning from their skills, they lose internal motivation to keep on. However, if you are reading this article, chances are that you are making up your mind to start or upscale. 

We explain here, six effective strategies that will enable you as a crafter to establish a lucrative business from your skills.

Give It a Business Status

The first step to consider in starting up your arts and crafts business is to change its status from the ordinary leisure time activity to a business. This begins with registering your business with appropriate bodies or commissions. 

You can start up as a self-proprietor, partnership or even a limited liability company; whatever structure you decide to take up, registration gives your business a legal backup. It is advised that you begin small, then you can migrate to better structures as you progress.

Choosing a unique business name is also paramount. Names speak volume of the kind of products you create, and they help to give you a ‘brand’ or identity that separates you from every other business. Creating a logo increases your chances of selling your brand to your target customers.

Pursue Uniqueness

Most people who demand hand-made crafts are known for one thing, they are not looking for conventional designs or products that litter everywhere. Their interest lies in finding works of art that uniquely made. Whatever makes your crafts peculiar is the attracting point of your business. This also means that you will need a lot of creativity – if you are into arts and crafts already, you should understand that creativity is key. Your customers won’t leave popular supermarkets or shops to buy goods that are no different from the rest.

Proper Time Management

Time is another factor that should never be undermined. If you are into a full-time job, for instance, it won’t be easy juggling the job and the business without loopholes. You need to develop a workable plan to help you scale through. 

One can decide to wake up an hour earlier every day; if you have an extra hour daily, then you must have carved out seven hours in a week and about 28 hours every month. This will help you create your crafts without interfering with other things that require your time like family, friends and perhaps, work.

Online Presence

In January 2018, Forbes reported that there are 4.02 billion internet users around the world, amounting to 53% of the world’s population. This simply means that the internet pools a vast number of audiences and that is why you need a sustained online presence. 

Your crafts aren’t exactly made for your consumption, you spent time creating and making them unique for prospective buyers. Many of these buyers are online, so get online and connect with them. Online presence incorporates social media platforms, mobile apps, blogs/websites and any other digital interface that puts your business out there. Among other things, a properly maintained online presence:

  • Helps customers and prospective ones find you easily.
  • Widens your area of coverage.
  • Helps in enhancing your reputation.
  • Establishes proper communication/relationship between you and your customers.

Build a Strong Network

While you may be very skilled in arts and crafts, there is yet a need to connect with other people in your line of business. What networking does is it exposes you to better insights about the field while also teaching you new ideas you may not already know. Find and join clubs/conferences of people who may be at the same level as you or a little above you. Be open to ideas, you never know who will lead you to your next customer.

Let Your Products Be Uniform and Reproducible

As much as you need to be unique in your crafts, there is also a need to ensure that these crafts are easily reproducible. You may produce more ahead of time, and ensure your best possible that they are uniform in appearance. This is necessary in cases where more than one piece of your craft is demanded, or when a previous customer seeks a reproduction of a particular product.

Final Thoughts

Your skills in arts and crafts can become another source of income for you, it only takes diligence and your ability to use the suggested strategies above. If you can discipline yourself enough to develop a business mindset, then you are well on your way to generating huge sums from your skills.

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Marie Erhart is a Success Manager at FieldPulse, creators of field service software that lets you run your entire contracting business from a single app. She works with contractors to help them grow their business using best practices.

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