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Are breadcrumbs outdated in website design?

Are breadcrumbs outdated in website design?

A website consists of several pages. 

But, how a user can know where they are within the website? 

Breadcrumbs show the user location within the website.

Breadcrumb navigation enhances the way around the website. It helps the user by reducing the number of actions to get the right page of the website. Breadcrumb navigation also improves the chance to find website pages and sections. 

Are breadcrumbs outdated in the latest web design trends

Well, I think that breadcrumbs are not going outdated in web designing. 

Wait! Do you know what the exact definition of the breadcrumbs is? And where this term comes from?

Let’s check it out. 

Breadcrumb definition:

A breadcrumb is a way to expose the user’s location in a website or application. It is the secondary navigation scheme to let the user know where they are within the website. Breadcrumb navigation helps users to reduce the activity level. A user can locate the original landing point by tracing the back path. 

Basically, breadcrumbs came from the Hansel and Gretel story that shows us how those two children drop breadcrumbs to find their path back to home. Now, it makes sense why it is called the breadcrumbs. 

Let’s find further facts about why breadcrumbs are still working in top level web design agency

There are few breadcrumbs varieties that make it important in web design. 

Have a look at the following varieties. 

•    Location-based breadcrumbs display the links to the user to let them know where they are. This strategy leads to easy indexing of the site in search engine result pages (SERPs). 

•    Path-based breadcrumbs are based on a set of links to show the user a path that where they are currently on. 

•    Attribute-based breadcrumbs display the specific attributes of a current page. 

Above mentioned varieties shows us the roles that breadcrumbs play in web designing. 

The benefits behind the breadcrumbs give you more reasons to use it for your website. 

1.    Breadcrumbs are convenient: Allow users to find the location within the navigational structure.

2.    Enhance the user experience: As they are convenient, they also allow users to go back to the page.

3.    Subtle: Take not much space on your web-page. 

4.    No issues: They are useful only when you know how and when you can use breadcrumbs. Sometimes, they go unseen by the audience. No issues at all. 

We may help you to get the point that why breadcrumbs are not outdated in web designing.

You can also use them, but how you can utilize them?

Let’s go and check out the following tips. 

Tips to use breadcrumbs

The most important tip is: not to use breadcrumb as a replacement for primary navigation. You can’t replace it because it is convenient and regarded as an extra feature. 

If you put the user’s current location in the breadcrumb navigation then make sure it is not clickable. 

For breadcrumbs, separators are used in the trails. You can use “Greater than” (>) symbol. 

The following symbols can be used in secondary navigation: », / and → are also used. 

Where you should not use breadcrumb navigation

Using the mobile site and you need breadcrumbs navigation then you need to check where your mobile site design went wrong. If there is a too complex mobile site, then you can use it. Before you use breadcrumb navigation, you need to fix the site design so there will be no need to add breadcrumb for mobile site navigation.


In this article, we consider the uses and tips about how to use breadcrumbs navigation. It makes it easier to use the website for users and promotes the user’s comfort. The use of breadcrumb is so simple for a site to enhance usability. 

Thank you!

Author Bio:

Ellen is an expert content marketing manager at Solutionsurface. She is a tech geek and loves to contribute the latest technology tips and tricks especially mobile-friendly and responsive web design.

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