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7 Easy Steps to start an AR App for online vacation rental business

7 Easy Steps to start an AR App for online vacation rental business

It’s not a bad time to start a business like an Airbnb Clone from your home – you make $, billions of dollars and help people with homes on amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Oh, the place you’ll go! As an avid traveler, we want you to know you’ll get to see more of the world soon. For now, just conjure up all the great memories you have anchored in my mind to get going for much overwhelming experience.

A massive foster in user engagement is anticipated because of the boom in remote work. How sustainable this growth is cannot be overlooked conjecturing that trade will speed the shift to digital platforms and e-commerce. That said, an AR App Development Company is a way to work forward.

What can be your best digital business model?

Perhaps A rental vacation Airbnb Clone. A business that is not only for generations but will help battle coronavirus by aiding people stay safe and clean from the comfort of home.

Present Times of the pandemic is frightening, but you just don’t have to go without income today or have your future be affected. Just reach out to a professional AR App Development Company happy to help advice, or build a business of dreams. 

What is the income potential with the Vacation Rental Platform?

Starting a main income stream biz like a Vacation Rental Platform will make you understand what such a standalone stream of income business could do for your current and future life.

Putting in a little bit of time and effort with your AR App Development Company will make you see a long-term reward. 

Airbnb revenue is projected to be springing up year-by-year. As of 2019, it made gross earnings of about $4.3billion which is 21% higher than the previous year.

How to gain money by starting a Vacation Rental Platform?

How to earn as many bookings and repeatedly returning guests as possible, while keeping the marketing costs low? The answer is—getting a custom, unique Airbnb Clone website script.

How to build an Airbnb Clone most affordably?

A business model you will build today for more wealth will tomorrow turn into everything you have ever desired.

We have got you covered with an AR app developer. With USA based Ibiixo, you get a custom Ready-to-go and innovative Airbnb Clone App and Website.

It serves the purpose of any Resort Rental, Hotel/Home Rental, and Vehicle Rental. Also, it includes Healthcare Providers and Relief workers to stay in clean and convenient places allowing them to remain –close to their patients — and harmlessly distanced from families.

Below are 7easy steps to get started with a Vacation Rental Platform on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Hire a Professional AR App Development Company

Hire an app developer who’s not only proficient in building a Vacation Rental Platform that’s distinguished but economical too. Yes! Ibiixo Technologies USA offers advanced flagship Custom Airbnb clone website that will be all yours. You can run it on an infinite number of domains shelling out modest of cost.

2. Create Your Own Online Vacation Rental Marketplace

Build your own flagship rental marketplace, like Airbnb. With a robust booking platform completely in your control, you get to boost bookings, brand identity, and credibility. Moreover, your users will be facilitated to have a seamless booking experience.

Unquestionably you also get the privilege of cashing in profits as transaction fees and commissions from hosts & guests.

3. Different Options to Build Vacation Rental Website

An online rental vacation business is the rapid model to make both vendors and script owners earn the profit. You can build a rental marketplace in options including:- 

  • Building a rental script website from scratch
  • Launch solution using a SaaS-based software

However, only an AR App Development Company robust at technical knowhow and coding can develop a website from scratch or adding unique value to it.

4. Build a Brand for Your Online Vacation Rental Platform

Building a brand identity allows you to be a crackerjack in the saturated market. It not only enables to build trust with potential guests but improves the property’s visibility.

5. List Your Vacation Rental on Booking Platforms

Most people book their lodging online. Thus, you can use the practice to your benefit and list your vacation rental on the most popular booking sites.

6. Drive Right Traffic to the Website

Market your Airbnb clone website using different channels. Invest a bit in Email marketing, Social Media and SEO to get your website ballooning.

7. Connect On-The-Go with Airbnb Clone App

The mobile app is particularly build to boost vacation rental business for both host and guest. The host can optimally organize bookings and listings with custom read-to-go Airbnb clone mobile App. Simultaneously, Guests enjoy a hassle-free booking platform.


In times where we can’t feel the ground beneath us or the next step ahead of us, it’s easy to fall into patterns of making money, active income and certainty. An AR App Development Company like Ibiixo Technologies is the primary step to lead business for beginners, millennial entrepreneurs. Getting a vacation rental software solution similar to Airbnb will not only allow having a synchronized business but a flourishing one too.

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