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Did you ever measure your fall? You may be thinking how weird question is this but yes it’s true. Now your Apple’s smartwatch will tell you how hard or bad you fall. This feature is available on Apple watch series 4 and it is one of the most innovative features that Apple has invented as well as integrated with their device. Fall detection is the 21st century’s one of the finest life-saving features that technology has presented.

Apple did this and brought in front of the world as the other companies are still working on this life-saving feature. Most of them are attempting to build a feature that covers many more situations like falling. But right now, it’s just Apple!

How Does It Work?

The working of the fall detection feature is ways much simple. Usually, what happens? When a person falls down, the Apple watch’s new electric heart rate sensor detects the condition of the heart. The new electric heart rate sensor is much better an accurate from the sensor of Apple watch 3 which was also the best. Now, the heart rate sensor of Apple watch 4 will not only detect the low heart rate or high heart rate but it will also work as an Electrocardiogram or you can say ECG. This means that this new heart rate sensor will even detect the condition of the heart of the person who has fallen. It will detect that if the condition is good or bad and if the condition is bad that is known to be Atrial Fibrillation, that individual will be warned to contact his or doctor as soon as possible.

This innovative technology does not stop here. If the electric heart rate sensor of an Apple watch 4 senses the condition more severe, it will automatically contact the nearest hospital or the medical institute for the help. It is even capable of sending the voice message or the text messages on behalf of you to the hospitals or to your loved ones for the help. There is something more to see.

The Apple watch 4 has more interesting feature

i.e., this Apple’s device can even tell the difference between the slip and the fall. With the help of new gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, the watch can tell you that you have slipped or you have fallen off.

It is very highly calibrated that it can even detect your downward falling motion. Also, it can sense that your arms are in the air in a defensive position. Now, who does not want this device in the hand? I want it now!

What Is Its Need?

Well, if you take a look back and study then you will find out that the numbers of road accidents have increased drastically. More than 3 million adults are treated for the injuries that happened through bike or car crash. Most of them died, just because of the lack of help arrival on time. There are many safety apps but those are all meant for a Smartphone which very difficult to access at the crash or fall.

But now, Apple has given an outstanding technology that is way much accurate in comparison with the other existing safety smart devices. Consider trying it once!

By Anurag Rathod

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